Supporting students to have a successful year

Supporting students to have a successful year

On behalf of everyone at Study Group, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year.

As a leading international education provider, we’re confident that we can support seamless progression to undergraduate and postgraduate study and that our students’ longer-term educational and career ambitions stay on track.

Our top priority is always the health, safety and welfare of our students, staff, and the communities in which we work, and this has been particularly true during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To ensure everyone feels comfortable studying with us during the pandemic, we continue to work with our university partners and public health authorities to put everything in place to create a safe and stimulating learning environment. This includes a flexible, digitally enhanced on-campus learning experience, to ensure we can adapt and support our students in varied circumstances.

Additionally, for students studying on-campus, we strongly encourage the wearing of face coverings, provide hand sanitisers in all our buildings and operate enhanced regular cleaning and sterilising regimes. Of course, we also recognise not all students can or want to travel, and where possible we offer engaging, digital learning environments too.

We appreciate that going out to meet people is an important and enjoyable part of student life, as well as a great way to make friends from all over the world. We encourage students to always remember to stay safe and secure and follow the appropriate guidance both while on campus and out and about.

To support students as much as possible during their studies, we issue regular updates to share the latest news about the comprehensive pastoral care services we have in place and advice on travel and domestic COVID-19 news. Our goal is to make sure that students always have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information and guidance and our Study Group COVID-19 advice webpage gives the latest picture in our host countries.

We’re committed to working with our students to fulfil their higher education goals while living and studying in a safe and secure environment. We look forward to welcoming students coming to study with us and to an enjoyable and successful 2022.