Is technology the Success Secret of Halifax?

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Halifax is a bank in Britain, which is a trading division of Bank of Scotland. It has a traditional reputation of good customer service. It is one of those banks you will like in the UK. It offers both current and savings accounts with very good interest rates.

Technology keeps it moving

Halifax embraces tech in its services. This has helped them improve their customer satisfaction. It has also helped them keep up with the ever-widening customer base. Actually, if you are looking for convenience, then this is the place for you.

Among the technology that Halifax has embraced that you might like include:

  • Contactless payment cards: All eligible current accounts come with contactless debit cards as the bare minimum. Existing accounts get it during their next card renewal. For the contactless cards, you look for the contactless symbol, then touch the card against the symbol till the light becomes green, confirm your PIN after a beep and the payment is approved. Great, right? This is one of the ways Halifax is using its services to satisfy you.
  • Internet banking: Halifax is fast moving from brick and mortar banking to customer oriented banking. You need an account? Well, you don’t have to go to the branch. Just get on to the internet, get to Halifax website and open one now. What’s more? You can perform all your transactions at the convenience of your couch. You no longer need to endure the long queues and the fluctuating systems that are sometimes irritating in the branches.
  • Mobile banking: Halifax customer can download the Halifax banking app from Apple or Google store. Once you have it, you register with your online banking details and you get going. You can easily pay people or bills from your phone. You can also check your balances and transactions. You also get to report stolen cards. This makes it convenient especially if you are unable to reach the bank to do the same.
  • Halifax banking also uses a new technology called Nymi Band to help improve their technology. This saves you the burden of having to remember many passwords. This system involves the use of electrocardiogram (ECG) to identify the customer. It is so body specific that it cannot be impersonated. It is unlike fingerprints or iris scans.

Nymi band technology ensures high protection of your information. This is something that you would like to embrace. With the increasing incidences of fraud even with fingerprints, it is something you don’t want to miss.

  • For efficient communication with customers, Halifax has embraced click-to-call technology. Clients can therefore schedule calls with their bank without risking a long waiting time. This enhances your convenience because you call at your free time when Halifax is ready to listen to you. If you are having sales that do not complete at certain times, this is the time to lodge your complaint and ensure you get the sale. Surely, this is an extra mile that you ought to think about when you want a new experience with banking.

Halifax has revolutionized banking. With state of the art technology, it offers great opportunities for its customers. You can embrace it and enjoy too.


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