The Complete Sweatpants buying guide for men

Sweatpants were mainly found for the people who choose comfort as their first priority. In fact, it was not considered as a primary fashion item until late people started to admire the comfort and style it gives. Though the sweatpants were mainly used as a sportswear and gym wear; nowadays, most of the people have started going out with it by pairing up with the right dress. Actually it is preferred by those men who have the courage of stepping out of the traditional jeans or trousers as the primary bottom wear for going out and have sported the sweatpants to look stylish.

Starting its journey way back to the time when it was used as more of a track suit for gym and sports purposes it has come a long way to find its place in the wardrobe of almost every man who has true fashion sense and can almost go with all the casual outfits. In fact, it is better than the track suites. However, the main reason of the comfort it gives is due to the material of the sweatpants. It is mainly made form cotton or fleece which absorbs the sweat from the legs thus giving a cool and comfortable experience. So, you can easily step out of your house in a pair of sweat pants whenever you are heading for any party or going to the pub with buddies. But you just have to pick the right ones to match your getup. Let us take a look at how to choose the right type of sweat pants for your style.

Choosing the right sweat pants

The right style of sweat pants

Well choosing the right pair of sweat pants is a bit confusing. As it is means for comfort, it will be loose fitting but should not be too much loose that it looks sloppy. One thing about the size of the sweat pants is that it should end right above the shoes. It shouldn’t be too long or short. The best kind of sweat pants are those with the tapered ends or the ones with a cuffed or elastic bottom. They give a carefree look along with adventurous mix. It is associated with an adventurous personality and also gives an athletic or sportsman background. It’s not about spending a lot of money; it’s about picking the right style.

Choosing the right color of sweat pants

The best part about the sweat pants is that they resemble a freshly pressed pair of trousers and also give an adventurous look. So, you will look like an adventurous man wearing a freshly pressed pair of trousers. The best color of sweat pants to look for are navy blue, black or grey. It is because they match perfectly and go along well with the tees, hooded tees, pullovers or the jackets which are usually worn on top. Those colors also resemble much to the color of jeans and it is better to play safe while going to the parties as in case of any fashion blunders, people will be spotting it very easily.

Sporting the right kind of look with the pair of sweat pants

Now once you have picked the right sweat pant, you have to sport it with the right kind of outfits such that the getup is awesome and it creates a right impression. You can pair up with any casual tee or polo tees which are slightly loose fitting and with a pair of snickers or high end leather shoes with a matching pair of shades. It will give you the out of college guy look.

You can also try the sweat pants with some other varieties like jackets or blazers. If you manage to pair up with the right clothes, it will always make a strong fashion statement.