The Importance of the Railroad Industry to Job Security in America

The transportation industry continues to grow on a global scale, and that’s particularly true in the United States. Thanks to advancements in technology, transportation now allows for time-specific delivery of cargo and faster transportation of passengers. One area of the industry that companies are putting their faith into more for the transportation of their goods is the railroad industry.

Creation of New Jobs Thanks to Transportation

According to the Department of Labor, the transportation industry saw a growth of 1.1 million people between 2004 and 2014. Many of these jobs were related to moving freight and stock, especially in the railroad industry. There are a few things that people can contribute to this growth. First, companies in the railroad industry are interested in recruiting future workers and are helping them seek the education that they need to enter the industry. Second, successful businessmen such as Clarence Gooden continue to push the boundaries of the industry, inspiring growth and advancement. Growth like this prevents the industry from becoming stale and keeps it moving forward.

Entering the Railroad Industry

Getting into most railroad positions requires applicants to have a high school diploma or an equivalent. The industry as a whole is very demanding, which is why it’s often recommend that people who are looking to join the railroad industry have high physical stamina, especially for many entry-level jobs. As such, people are typically asked to pass a physical examination, alcohol and drug screening, and background check before being hired. People in this industry should expect to work all year around because trains operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rail operations even run on holidays since many people rely on trains for the transportation of goods and people.

Hiring Young Workers to be the New Backbone of the Industry

Just like any industry, rail companies continue to search for young workers to recruit as their older workers start to retire. The result is an industry that is providing jobs for people who are fresh out of college or just joining the workforce. These young workers help the industry meet its labor needs, and the industry sees them as an untapped labor pool. As a result, the industry provides a lot of job security for young workers.

Advancements From Within

One reason why people continue to join the rail industry is because of all of the chances for advancement. Companies in the industry are well known for providing career ladders, allowing the hardest workers and brightest minds to obtain promotions within the industry. This creates a cycle of jobs that helps the economy because young people who work their way up into hire positions are eventually replaced by new individuals who are joining the workforce. The cycle provides jobs for both young and seasoned veterans of the industry.

The railroad industry continues to push for innovation that betters the lives of people. During this push for growth, rail companies continue to provide job security for many people across the nation, including much of the young workforce that may otherwise have a difficult time finding a job. The railroad industry has continued to improve over the years thanks to the successful minds of the people who help it grow.