Top 12 Real Estate Blogs to Share with Clients

A client reads a real estate blog on his laptop

If you’re looking to keep your social media audience engaged, you need to regularly check in with relevant, meaningful content that speaks to their lives.

Many real estate agents are tempted to flood their Facebook timelines with their own listings and little else. This is a big mistake.

When your clients are actively looking to buy, they’ll be sure to check out any listings you post in their desired neighborhood. But what if the follower in question is a past client, or someone else who isn’t in buying mode? They’ll likely tune out your posts—or, if they get really sick of seeing your listings, unfollow your account.

One way to keep prospects and clients (past and present) interested in what you post is to share content that’s relevant to their investment in real estate.

Share the following 12 real estate blogs with your clients on your platform of choice. (And, if you need a little help writing captions, feel free to use or borrow from the sample copy we’ve included below).

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent

Sample copy: “If you’re thinking about trying to sell your home yourself, don’t. Here’s why.”

Questions to Ask Your Lender or Mortgage Broker

Sample copy: “Feeling a little anxious about the borrowing process? This article will help you prepare by letting you know which questions to ask.”

How to Determine What to Offer on a House

Sample copy: “If you’re wondering what to offer on a particular house, this blog can help. Of course, you can also ask a qualified real estate agent like me!”

Improvements to Increase Your Home’s Value

Sample copy: “Your home isn’t just where you live—it’s an investment in your future.”

Move on It: Finding a Hot Neighborhood

Sample copy: “How do you spot an up-and-coming neighborhood? Look for these five signs.”

First Time Home Buyer Tips

Sample copy: “When it comes to buying your first home, you can never be too prepared.”

How to Know You’re Ready to Stop Renting and Buy a House

Sample copy: “If you can afford to buy, it simply doesn’t make sense to go on renting. Tag a renter you know who might be ready to take the next step!”

The Benefits of a 55 Plus Community

Sample copy: “Looking to downsize after you retire? You should really consider what 55+ communities have to offer.”

How Cash-Strapped Consumers Can Become Homeowners

Sample copy: “This is a great resource for those who want to buy but aren’t sure whether they can afford it.”

How to Maximize Space in a Small Home

Sample copy: “Regardless of the size of your home, the most important thing is to use your space efficiently.”

The Language of Homebuying

Sample copy: “Feeling a little mystified by all the new terms you’re hearing during the buying process? This blog is here to help.”

Stage to Sell This Winter

Sample copy: “Don’t let the winter weather keep you from getting the best possible selling price!”

We hope these blogs help you strengthen connections with the people who matter most to your business—establishing your authority as a real estate agent.

Remember to follow up with everyone who likes, comments, or shares—after all, regular communication with your clients is the key to more repeat transactions and referrals.