Top 5 Android Games for PC

Gone are the days when the games available on Google play store were limited to android only. The ocean of games on android is now fully available on PC as well. There are thousands of games and hundreds more are developed on daily basis. We have tried to identify top 5 most wonderful games of Android market place which can be downloaded and played on PC.


1-Subway Surfers for PC- Do you find yourself irresistible for racing? Then we have brought to you the best android game ever played on PC. Jam-packed with high quality graphics and astounding animatronics, the game is for race lovers, who strive for very fast and hard racing. Faster speed will open up new zones of racing and more powers will be added to your kitty. Your racing track comprises trains, running through which you have to avoid clashes and win coins to open up new arenas of racing.


2- Mortal Kombat X for PC- Next in the series we have the finest game for battlefield lovers, Mortal Kombat X for PC. This game is really a heavenly experience for the folks who love to kill their enemies. Give yourself the feel of the deadliest kombat fighters and crush your enemies like never before. Your enemies will also attack with the same vigour, but you have to be deadlier. Launched in May, 2015 by NetherRealm Studios, this game has gained sensational popularity in a few days. Of course the killer attributes to be given the credit. You can even form online groups to take on your enemies. There are weekly prizes as well in the form of unlocking new battlegrounds and additional features.

3- Heroes Charge for PC- Talking about top android RPG( Role Playing Games), we can never get away without discussing Heroes Charge for PC. Indisputably, Heroes Charge for PC is the most magnificent online android games of all times. The best role playing game where you can choose your enemies and get an opportunity to crush them with the freakiest weapons. In Heroes Charge for PC multiplayer game you can play against other online players. On the other hand in single player mode, you can play against the army of computer. One distinguished feature that separates it from its competitors is the cloud syncing facility. This feature helps you save your score online, only to be played anytime.

4-Brickies for PC- Next in the series is the revolutionary gaming experience from the developers of Devious Dungeon and Zombie Road Trip Trials i.e. the Noodlecake Studios. Power packed with super cool graphics, this game lets you enjoy awesome old time game of hitting the brick walls with balls, but with totally new features and experience. Rising to new levels, you get new powers and even better graphics.

5-Heroes & Castles 2 for PC- Do you like playing with skeletons and gunning them down into pieces? If you do, then Heroes & Castles 2 for PC is your best play. Though built with the idea of many other role playing games, yet this game separates itself from its peers. All you have to do is build a desired army and get into the battleground to destroy your enemies.

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