Turning Things Around with OneLogin

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It’s a Mess Back There

Right now, there’s a great deal that’s happening in the back rooms of IT centers everywhere. It doesn’t matter what organization they serve: Companies, universities and dedicated computer networking centers alike are all feeling the heat of recent security issues that have been brought with the end of 2017 and the turn of a new year. More than ever before, manufacturers are needing to revise how they protect the sensitive data that their clients trust them with, but the bad guys are currently taking the advantage to heart and making headlines every week because of it. As it turns out, independent utilization of multifactor authentication (MFA), one-time passwords (OTPs) and single sign on (SSO) gateways isn’t good enough.

As any entrepreneur knows, every customer is of great importance to the front-end operations that keep the back-end operations, well, operating. This means that client data has to be protected at all costs because the damages that follow a sensitive data breach cost a bare minimum of six figures and frequently run into the tens of millions when identity theft enters the picture. Wherever official identities are concerned, the legal implications are as serious as the financial ones, and losing a customer is 10 times as easy as gaining them back.

For this reason, it’s important to maintain client trust, but some of that is also depending on what businesses are doing right now to stop a catastrophe from unfolding in the near future. Clientele are jumping ship to new methods of payment or turning the dial back to physical bills and coins to avoid the possibility of a debit or credit card breach, and this on its own is already a sign that faith is being broken bit by bit. This surely isn’t the connected world that was envisioned when the father of the Internet brought it all together in the first place.

OneLogin Checks Connections at the Door

One of the strongest weak suits of any business is establishing the balance between give and take. It’s the yin and yang of the black suit and tie, briefcase and cuff links, buttons and silk-lined pockets — it’s never as simple as throwing more money at a security solution and expecting a stat to increase like they do in video games. Right now, the problem is that the increasing complexity of the business world is forcing executives to branch their companies into more third-party services in order to support the bottom row and keep the front lines moving forward.

Now, this in itself is already a major problem because a company is, by nature, a multi-faceted entity but typically with a single specialized focus. Nobody ever really hears about companies that, say, build quality cars and also provides top-tier health insurance — that just doesn’t add up. Clients, like the companies they buy from, need to resort to other people for goods and services that keep the financial totem pole standing upright. Unfortunately, relying on too many services can lead to quick exploitation.

OneLogin is a solution that aims to solve this by combining MFA, SSO and OTPs into a streamlined package that stops intruders where legitimate people gain quick and secure access to protected data. This is accomplished with a host of authentication techniques that include SMS, hardware certificates, personal security questions and more. The key to MFA’s effectiveness here is ensuring that the single sign on aspect blocks every other entry point completely, meaning that every executive and employee alike resorts to the same checkpoints to gain access under the watchful eye of many monitoring, recording and cross-referencing systems.