Useful Tips for Surviving a Major Blackout


With virtually everything ranging from homes to cars running on electricity, an unprepared society would find it difficult to function if power suddenly went out. According to scientific research, Electromagnetic Pulse, also commonly referred to as EMP, can be caused by events such as nuclear blasts and solar flares.

Effects of Power Loss

While it may not be clear whether or not such a disaster would yield permanent results, people would still have to deal with the damage that results from such a catastrophic occurrence. This task would have to be accomplished without access to power and this level of disruption would certainly be a major setback for society.

If power was lost over a long period of time, the people who depend on the electricity grid would be most affected. Power loss can have numerous adverse effects including an increase in criminal activity, compromised healthcare and major security concerns.

All computerized functions would be disrupted and various systems would no longer work. Families need to ensure that they are prepared for this type of situation. Preparation requires time and it involves making sure that you have sufficient supply of various items that will help you survive a difficult situation.

Medical Supplies

Invest in medical equipment and supplies that you can use for emergency health situations. Basic first aid kits can be used during emergencies. Kits should ideally contain items that can be used to nurse wounds. If there are certain types of medication that you usually use, make sure that you have adequate supply of them.


Clean and safe drinking water is a necessity. In case disaster strikes, you may no longer have access to running water. Any water that is available during such a situation may be toxic. Cater for water storage and purification to ensure that the water is suitable for human and animal consumption. Families are encouraged to have sufficient water supply and this can be accomplished affordably.

You can purchase purification tablets or water filters that do not run on electricity. Even with water storage, there is still a risk of running out of water. This is why you need to be aware of how to locate water. It is advisable to have alternative sources of energy such as solar panels that you can install in your home. Find out more at


Prepare for a blackout by learning how to start a fire that you can cook with when there is no power. You need to identify ways to cook without a functioning power grid. You also need to think about the type of food you can consume without cooking it.

Begin planting a variety of crops and learn about the plants that you can eat. It is important to prioritize the safety of your family while also learning how you can help other people around you during an emergency. There is no better time than the present to start getting ready. Embark on the process of being prepared by considering your family’s specific needs and noting down what you need.