Weekend getaways from Coimbatore

The city of Coimbatore offers many options for those who love their weekend trips. The mountains of the Nilgiris and the coastal attractions of the Bay are all within reach. If the everyday monotony is starting to get to you, then a short vacation is always recommended.

Here are some top choices for weekend getaways from Coimbatore.


A quaint hill station that has been a muse to many an artist and storyteller, Ooty sits nestled in the heights of the Nilgiris. Some of the popular activities here include a visit to the Dolphin Peak to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve.

The Government Rose Garden is an ideal place to relax and soak in the multitude of colours. OotyLake provides a serene stage for chilly evenings and the hill town is also known for the many nature trails it offers. When in Ooty, do try out the local chocolates. Just book a Coimbatore to Ooty taxi and enjoy this short vacation in the mountains.

Annamalai Tiger Reserve

If you are looking for some deep wilderness for a weekend escape, then the Annamalai Tiger Reserve ticks all the right boxes. The Nilgiritahr, Asiatic elephant and the Bengal tiger are just some of the rare species that call this 1500 sq km are their home. Enjoy safaris into the deep jungles and encounter a myriad bird species like hornbills, kingfishers, trogons and more. The Kozhikamudhi Elephant Camp is a must-visit.

Tranquebar (Tharangambadi)

A Danish colony for more than two centuries, Tharangambadi is a place where one can catch a glimpse of a rarely touched upon chapter of sub-continental history. Fort Dansborg stands to this day, facing the Bay of Bengal. Tranquebar as it was called by the Danes still features many colonial structures and places to visit include the Danish Museum, a home of many curiosities and artefacts of the old days, and the New Jerusalem Church, built in 1718.


For three centuries, the Palakkad Fort has been the defining structure of the town. A well-preserved remnant of Tipu Sultan’s times, the fort houses a jail and a temple too. Palakkad is a town with many attractions. A weekend here can be spent just enjoying the local cuisine and witnessing places like the Malampuzha Dam and the historic Jainimedu temple. Palakkad is just 54 kms away from Coimbatore.


Kotagiri is a scenic village high in the Nilgiris. It is a good place for nature lovers and those who are looking for some tranquillity. Catherine Falls and Kodanad View Point are two main places to visit in Kotagiri. You can also enjoy a short hike around Rangaswamy Peak or head off to the John Sullivan memorial for a dose of colonial heritage.

Nothing refreshes the mind and the soul like a short holiday. Enjoy the sudden changes in topography along with the curious dhabas and tea stalls that punctuate a quintessential Indian road trip.

Find a reliable car rental in Coimbatore, call your friends, pack your bags and drive away.