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Why should you go for .me TLD?

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Ok, so you have decided to go for web hosting. Now you are thinking which domain name should you go for? Well, domain names are undoubtedly the most popular, but many new domains are available in the market. You may consider going for .me domain names if the website you are going to host is meant for personal branding.

Let’s see some reasons you should go for a gTLD like .me.


Is your favoritedomain name taken already? Many times the name you are trying to go for is already taken, and that’s where a .me may be just right for you. It helps you create a personal brand and also sends a specific message to the customers as well. Consider the popular portfolio website ‘’ The domain instantly makes clear that the website has something to do with personal portfolios. Not just .me, there are many other TLDs available in the market; you may go for .tech if the website that you are going to make is related to tech. Similarly, other domains are meant to serve a specific purpose.

2-Price Barrier

Another reason to go for the .me domain is that there are just too many price barriers. If the dot com domain that you are trying for is way too expensive, then you may be left with few choices. First, you may ask for another domain to reduce the price barrier. Lower costs may leave you with more funds to invest somewhere else as well. If you are planning to go for some other application of hardware or something g else, you can use the savings to fulfill other requirements.

3-No Effect on Optimization

Google doesn’t penalize the use of other domains. The search engine in itself is making use of the domains for other purposes. The search engine says that it treats new gTLDs like other gTLDs (dot com and dot org). In fact, Google has specified the way of moving the existing website to a new extension without having much effect on the search rankings and the history.

4-Better Branding

Now you can go for better branding re-call with shorter names. A good example may be “” that got rid of the dot-com extension to go for a sleek and better name.


If you think that you are the first person to use it, then that may not be the case as there are many companies and celebrities who have already started using .me domains and have started to gain from the same.