27 Real Estate Blog Ideas To Dominate Local Search

Real Estate Blog Ideas And Topics To Dominate Local Search

Today, I’m going to show you examples of the most popular real estate blogs on the web and how to use those successful posts to get more real estate blog ideas.

Real Estate Blog Ideas And Topics To Dominate Local Search

The 3-up Technique:

Before learning about any real estate blog ideas, be sure to know about the 3-Up Technique. This can make or break your content:

The 3-Up Technique shows you that you can start blogging by basing your content around already popular posts. This way you won’t waste time writing a post people don’t want to read.

Here are 7 examples of the BEST real estate blogs out there. If you’re new to blogging, you should really take one of these real estate blog ideas and model your first post after them.  This will set you up for SEO and social media success.

After each post, I’ll give you more ideas about topics you could write on within that subject area:

Great Real Estate Blog Ideas and Topics:

1) Blog Posts For Sellers:

Lynn Pineda from Imagine Your House wrote an article for sellers called: “20 Cold Hard Facts In Real Estate Home Selling”.  This article has been shared over 1,000 times already on the web.

If you read it, you’ll find out some awesome tips that almost any seller would enjoy knowing before buying a home.  Articles like this are great for getting more seller leads and convincing clients to choose you during your listing appointments.

This is a great article! Be sure to read it before writing your next post for sellers.