5 Best Samsung Galaxy Note8 Features for Telecommuting Professionals

You can find phones for techies, phones for photographers, and phones for folks who enjoy texting, but what about a phone for professionals who telecommute or those who work as freelancers? Enter the Samsung Galaxy Note8, which encourages multitasking and smoothly paves the way for sending files and exchanging messages no matter where you are. Rely on a phone built for what you need it to do — even if you need a smartphone that doubles as a laptop.

Take Notes on the Fly With the S Pen

Image via Flickr by Tinh Te Photos

The S Pen is one of the standout features of the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Anyone can benefit from the ability to quickly scribble notes on their lock screen, but professionals can find this feature especially convenient. As a telecommuter or freelancer, you never know when inspiration will strike. Using the Note8, instead of pulling up your Notes app and typing up your ideas, you can grab the S Pen and jot down what you want to remember: meetings, deadlines, and phone numbers. You can take notes anywhere.

The S Pen also changes the photo game. Do you need to suggest edits on a file or photo sent by a colleague? Screenshot the item, write on it with the S Pen, and then send it back. The pen also translates text for you. Highlight the phrase you need to translate, then call upon Sammy to reveal it to you.

Become a Master of Multitasking

How many phones allow you to pull up two apps at once? The Note8 is designed explicitly with multitasking in mind. The phone is practically made for multitasking professionals with their plates full of responsibilities. The screen is so sizable that you have plenty of real estate with which to work. Users compare the phone to using a laptop, which gives you a good idea of what it can accomplish.

As for the ability to use more than one app at a time, the Note8 will easily double your productivity. App Pair isn’t a new feature — full disclosure — but it comes into its own on the Samsung Galaxy Note8. To access it, swipe your finger over the right side of your touchscreen. Open your calendar and check your availability when you have a group chat in WhatsApp or have Waze open while you put together an itinerary for an upcoming business trip.

Powering two apps at once requires a stable connection. Use the Note8 on a reliable network, such as T-Mobile, which offers an impressive nationwide 4G LTE network to ensure that both apps run quickly and smoothly.

Share in an Instant

Almost every smartphone allows you to share your files, photos, and screenshots with other people. With the Note8, however, you can edit using Smart Select or Screen Write. Further, when you want to send a file to someone else, you have a multitude of options. Pulling up the “Share” button opens a list of apps where you can send the file.

Use DeX as an Assistant

DeX isn’t a new feature, and it technically counts as an add-on given that it’s a dock in which you perch your phone. DeX will reply to your emails, search the internet, or pull up videos, plus you can easily work on smaller documents. It essentially turns your smartphone into a small computer or netbook, and it saves time on everyday tasks.

Animate Your Messages

Delegating tasks to teammates and colleagues is finally fun. With Live Message, a feature that allows you to create animated GIFs, you can send messages and assign projects in an entertaining way. You need the S Pen to create the GIF. Write on the screen or draw a doodle, and the stylus helps the phone make a GIF. It’s a quick, inventive way to get messages to your co-workers.

Telecommuting professionals need multifunctional phones and stable networks. You probably do most of your business through your phone, so you shouldn’t skimp on it. How do you use your phone for work? Do any of the Note8’s features seem like they’d benefit you?