5 Best WordPress Template Sites in 2018

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The best way to start a WordPress website is to find a template that fits your specific vision, theme, and content. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch or use one of the basic default templates included in the WordPress CMS installation package to get an amazing frontend design for your website. Check out these top 5 WordPress template sites for 2018 to find the perfect template for your next WordPress website.

1. ThemeForest 

ThemeForest is one of the most trusted WordPress template websites on the web. The ThemeForest collection of WordPress designs contains over 11,000 downloadable themes and templates to fit any website you can image. Prices for individual templates range from about $10 to several hundred dollars but most templates are priced around $50 on this website. You can buy templates from hundreds of different developers and designers on this market-style WordPress template site.

If you’re looking for a more flat-rate pricing point and want access to hundreds of WordPress templates at no additional cost you can check out ThemeForest’s Envato Market. Envato Market costs about $25 per month and allows you access to a huge variety of themes, graphics, typography packages, and other template elements for your WordPress websites.

2. A Themes 

A Themes is an interesting WordPress template website that has grown in popularity in 2018. This online WordPress resource lists over 50 free WordPress templates for those on a strict design budget. A Themes’ most popular template thus far is the Sydney Pro template which allows users to make changes to their frontend with a point-and-click GUI menu. Sydney Pro also extra page templates and WooCommerce integration to help you start an online business or make sales through your own website more easily.

A Themes offers their own premium templates as well, priced at $59 per template. If you’re going to need more than one template it will save you money to purchase the Yearly Access plan for $99 which allows you access to all themes on the website. A Themes provides plenty of documentation for each theme they release so you never have to worry about getting stuck on a project or waiting for a response on a WordPress design forum.

3. ThemeIsle 

ThemeIsle boasts nearly half a million users and after reviewing their stunning designs it’s no wonder as to why WordPress website owners have been flocking to them in 2018. With a fast WordPress hosting plan and one of ThemeIsle’s responsive themes you’ll be on the track for success in running any type of WordPress website.

The templates found on ThemeIsle are broad in design and can be customized to fit any niche. There are only 30 templates on this premium template designer’s website but you get access to all of them for a $89 membership fee. If you’re wanting to check out this company’s designs or don’t have any room in your website budget to purchase a theme you can download one of their free WordPress templates.

4. Elegant Themes 

The templates found on Elegant Themes truly adhere to their company namesake; they are elegant, responsive, and sleek. If you want your website to have an instantaneously-modern frontend with stunning design elements, textures, and patterns then this is the WordPress template site to visit. Make sure you purchase a good WordPress hosting plan to accompany your new Elegant Themes template so that all the advanced features and design elements load quickly for your visitors.

The premium templates found on Elegant design are currently in use on hundreds of thousands of websites across the web. Their Divi template is, in fact, said to be the single most popular premium WordPress template on the web today. Divi, like most other templates found on Elegant Themes, offers a drag and drop website builder so you can make changes to the design and build your website without having to know any HTML or CSS.

5. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster offers thousands of templates for modern WordPress websites. You can buy premium templates from TemplateMonster on an individual basis for about $50 – $75 each or you can purchase the TemplateMonster Business Bundle for about $70 to receive access to 15 popular templates along with some other benefits.

TemplateMonster organizes templates by the type of website they’d be best for so whether you’re making a website for a retail store or non-profit organization you’ll have no trouble finding the right template for your project.

These top five WordPress template sites have more to offer than any WordPress designer could even ask for. You are sure to find the perfect template for your new WordPress website by browsing some of the offerings found on these five websites. Don’t forget to find a good hosting plan that can support WordPress and all of its updates so that these templates can work as they were designed to once you build your website.