5 Car Apps That Will Transform Your Driving Experience

Smartphones have completely changed the way people live their lives. Their effect is seen from schedule planning to entertainment. In cars, smartphones have a variety of uses, the most common of which is navigation. Smartphone car apps increase the efficiency with which the driver and the other occupants in the car accomplish their tasks.

As the developer world continues to experiment with new ideas, new car apps get built to accomplish tasks such as finding the cheapest gas station to finding the best deal on a car purchase on ideal auto USA. Below are some of the apps you should use when driving your car:

  1. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is a free app that works with iOS gadgets, android and blackberry. This app is geared at helping you to make savings on fuel costs by directing you to the cheapest fuel station in your vicinity. The alternative to having Gasbuddy would be to drive around until you find the lowest gas prices. Such an activity would not only be time consuming, but it would in effect cause you to spend more money on gas. The app also gives driving directions to the fuel station.

  1. Dynolicious Classic

This is a performance testing app that works on iOS. The app comes at a small fee, which pales in comparison to how much you would spend if you were to buy equipment specifically created to do the same job.

The app uses the accelerometers that are built into the iPhone to gauge acceleration and measure horsepower. You can view results in graphical format and even compare with previous results.

  1. Repair Pal

Repair Pal is free and works on iOS and android devices. If you have ever taken your car for servicing, you know full well that mechanics are not very trustworthy. They overstate the price of spare parts, underestimate the time needed to do a job and still end up overcharging even after doing a substandard job.

Repair pal will help you find the best prices for vehicle repair in your vicinity.

  1. Witness driving

Witness driving costs less than one dollar and is compatible with iOS and android. With this app, you can finally collect evidence that will help you safeguard yourself against insurance fraudsters. You will also have enough evidence against bad drivers and worm your way out of tickets.

Witness driving will record specifics of an incident, such as time of day, date, place, acceleration and vehicle speed. The app also sends out notifications when it detects an accident. The app is easy to use and has few controls that will not distract you during driving.

  1. Waze

Traffic is every driver’s worst nightmare, which makes Waze, a free app that helps you avoid traffic, a true gem for every driver. Besides pinpointing traffic in highways, it also works on side streets and other major roads. When Waze detects traffic, it helps you find your way around it

This app does a lot more than pinpoint traffic. It also shows you where accidents are, gives you gas prices and lets you know where traffic police are situated. Waze works on iOS and android
There are many more apps available out there, but if you start with these few, you will have a more pleasant driving experience.

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Orland Downey used a car app to find and buy his car from ideal auto USA. Orland uses apps while driving to increase his efficiency. Visit his site to learn more.


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