5 Vital Tips for Hiring Professional Office Cleaning Services

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One of the best things that you can do for your company’s brand is to keep up a tidy and professional image. If you want employees who are mindful about the way that they dispose of trash, there can’t be any overflowing garbage bins on the premises. Out in the main lobby, the furniture needs to be stain free, the window sills should be dusted, and all glass surfaces should be sparkling clean.

You could end up putting in a lot of man hours cleaning your corporate offices on a daily basis. Delegating office cleaning responsibilities to skilled workers is not only a waste of their time, but it wouldn’t make for the best use of your resources. To ensure that every part of your business premises stays clean, you should hire corporate office cleaners to spruce everything up at a time that is best for your staff. Consider these five tips when you are interviewing office cleaners so that your company receives consistently impeccable results.

1. Know What Needs to Be Cleaned

Certain areas of your company, such as the bathroom, are probably going to need cleaning on a daily basis to keep both customers and staff content. At the same time, you might not need to have other spaces thoroughly cleaned on more than a weekly basis, especially if they aren’t being used regularly. The office cleaning companies that you contact will probably have a range of services that they offer, and they usually start with their top packages. Even if these services are experienced and offer you their advice, you should go with what is best for your needs. Don’t be fearful of asking your office cleaners to come in three times a week instead of seven if you know that you don’t need to have the shelving and desks dusted daily. This will save you money, and you will still maintain professionally cleaned corporate offices.

2. Request Verifiable References

You might believe that cleaning offices is a simple job, but you need some innate skills to service numerous clients. First and foremost, each business has a different layout. Knowing where everything is within a particular business helps office cleaning services to perform their tasks efficiently. Another consideration is thoroughness, meaning that no tasks get skipped over. If you don’t want to follow your office cleaners every day to check and see if the carpets have actuallybeen vacuumed and that windows have been cleaned, you have to hire a service that you trust. Get in contact with professional office cleaners who have references that you can check. That way, you can rest assured that you have contracted with a corporate office cleaner who has a positive reputation.

3. Inquire About Proof of Licensing and Bonding

Most corporate office cleaning services need to go through a lot of checks before they are able to get business insurance, licensed or gain bonding. These prerequisites are meant to protect clients from getting scammed, as well as provide them with recourse in case they receive substandard services. Of course, there are also office cleaning services that operate under the table, often providing businesses with low rates in order to get business. You don’t want to work with an office cleaning service that hasn’t gone through the proper steps to become a legitimate business. Not only are they more likely to hire anyone who walks in off the street, but they are also likely to do a poor job.

4. Make Sure That All Persons Cleaning Your Offices Have Had Background Checks

If you want your offices to get cleaned when your company is closed, then keys will need to be made for your office cleaners. They may spend several hours going to every area that needs to be serviced, often exiting to gather more supplies, dump the trash or simply to take breaks. You don’t want anyone to have access to your corporate offices who has a criminal record or who has been suspected of stealing from past employers. Just ask your professional office cleaning company what type of background checks they perform when bringing new staffonboard. It is very likely that they have a strict and thorough hiring process that prevents workers with questionable backgrounds from becoming employed.

5. Don’t Spend Too Much Time Negotiating On Price

The office cleaning company that will be taking care of your company is also striving to run a profitable business. So, while you might think that signing a long-term contract would entitle you to secure a rather large discount, you have to consider all of the sacrifices that would have to be made. The people cleaning your offices would get paid a lower hourly wage, and your office cleaning service provider would have to be much more mindful about going through cleaning supplies while handling your contract. Yes, you could save some money up front, but it is almost guaranteed that the best possible cleaning services wouldn’t be rendered. If you get offered a discount, you can gleefully accept it, but do not think that you are entitled to additional discounts just because you are doing business together.

When you start looking for office cleaners, you are going to locate lots of different options. Some will be national companies that can send out a dozen or more workers within just a few hours notice. Others will be family run businesses that have restricted hours of operation. If you’ve never worked closely with another business, you might approach things from the standpoint of a consumer, thinking first of discounts and savings, but you really must think about how much you can improve your company image.

Figure out what needs tobe cleaned at your company office, then interview the cleaners who have references that can be supplied. After you check to see that their licensing and insurance information is valid, you can go on to discuss the background checks each cleaning service has performed on its workers. As you work to draw up a contract, you will learn about any discounts that will be extended to your company, and you can begin to look forward to having one less concern about your company’s image.