7 Social Media Practices for Improved SEO Performance

Social media marketing has continued to be one of the most influential and effective marketing strategies for search rankings. Profiles or pages that have a big following on social media tend to be at the top of the search engine results page, and especially if the page is about a company, brand, or an icon. Very few people use social media although it is very influential, to promote the products or businesses. People who decide to use social media to promote their SEO campaign have been able to see a lot of benefits from the marketing strategy.

The first step you will need to take in the process of harnessing the power of social media to boost your SEO campaign is understanding the relationship between social media and SEO. If you explore the different social media marketing practices and campaigns, you will be able to see an improvement in the quality of traffic, all thanks to social media. Below are the seven essential social media practices you should use when stepping up your SEO campaign.

  1. Promoting Links to External Websites

Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO and will play a big role in rankings. When you use social media in enhancing the inbound links to external pages, it will be able to contribute to improved activity and traffic to the pages. Social media has proved to be the perfect platform for link building because; there is audience ready and potential clients too. The links you share on social media can be shared widely on social media, and it can easily become viral in a short period of time.

  1. Encouraging Sharing on Social Media

Enhancing the sharing of content on social media will help in boosting the performance of the SEO campaign and increase the return on investment. You can use social media to introduce and increase brand awareness through the various posts and pages. Sharing is important because it will help in increasing the visibility of your brand and popularity online. Search engines crawlers will be able to find the website easily for indexing. Most of your potential clients are on social media. When the content is widely shared on social media platforms, it will increase traffic to your website because the more people get to see it the more the people get to click the website. This is why you should encourage friends and followers to share the links. You will need to maintain an active profile and regularly post to create a following.

  1. Optimizing for Local Audiences

One of the best ways you can improve the popularity and visibility of your business among your customers is by optimizing content on social media for the local audience and sharing them on the different platforms. Taking part in local events and having a relationship with the local community is important for the growth of your business and performance of your SEO campaign. Taking part in local events and sharing the images or videos on social media will help in boosting your popularity and improving your search rankings. Once the local community starts to take note of the products and services is when the fame will start to spread. When sharing these photos or videos, ensure you mention your brand in there.

If the optimization is done right, you will be able to see some great results from your SEO campaign. When the locals start sharing your posts or content, like it, and even share it, this will help you be able to get good results in the future. Sharing posts that have been locally optimized will have an impact on the search rankings.

  1. Enhancing Brand Awareness

An effective and efficient online marketing campaign is the factors that boost brand awareness and improves the conversion rate. There is a direct correlation between brand awareness and social media. Using the power of social media to promote your SEO campaign will provide you with a good way of targeting audience and prospective customers to see the brand or product. Social media can also be used in building or improving the reputation of the company and customer base. An increase in customer base will help in getting the rewards from search engines.

Many businesses are using social media to market their products, provide discounts, and running promotions. When done in the right way, a social media marketing campaign can help boost the brand and product popularity with big margins, and this will mean increased sales. This is because of the exposure that social media platforms provide for products and businesses.

  1. Optimizing Post on Social Media for Search Engines

The way social media works is somewhat unusual. You must give the audience something for them to reciprocate. Regularly publishing posts will provide the perfect avenue for building a following on social media. Regular posts will have huge benefits for your business in that; search engines will index the posts so they can retrieve them fast. This will reduce the chance of the post getting choked up with millions of other posts that are being daily published. You will be able to boost SEO performance by optimizing every post for search engines.

A good way of optimizing your social media posts is to create strong anchor posts. Anchor posts can be easily found than regular posts. Anchor texts can provide detailed information about a brand, product, or company that is being promoted. Search engine spiders are always looking for anchor texts, and this means it is a good way of boosting an SEO campaign. This will be able to help with increasing conversion and brand awareness.

You should also consider the use of hashtags (#) and other features is a good idea because it will help the search engines in finding relevant content and text easily. When used in the right way, the hashtag feature can help in boosting the visibility and the performance of the product or service. Hashtags can also help in creating a conversion or threads that audience will be able to use in finding external sources and links.

  1. Build a Social Media Following

The number of followers you have on search engine platforms will have an impact on search engine rankings. Brands and posts that can get a lot of shares and likes on Facebook and Twitter have a higher chance of showing up at the top of the search engine results page when compared to posts that are performing poorly. Shares, links, retweets, etc. will only come if there is a following. Pages that have many followers can get more activity, and this makes it important to start building your social media following.

Some people try to take the shortcut and buy social media followers, but the best approach is building the following organically on your own. The brand visibility of your website will improve as more people follow your channels. You should also build your base because you don’t want to be penalized by modulators. Buying followers can easily ruin your brand or company.

Building a following on social media is easy. There are some things you need to do; responding to tweets and posts by users, participating in forums, providing insights, and building a relationship with friends and audiences online. You will start gaining the trust of your followers through these actions, and they are likely to follow you and recommend your channel to their friends. There is no better way to build your following and improve the performance of your SEO than social media.

  1. Embracing the Change

Incorporating SEO and social media marketing is the perfect way to marketing your company or product. Employing creativity, hard work, and perseverance will produce great results. You need to realize the many benefits of social media on your business. Every positive step you take will count.

About the Author: Anurag Pareek ( is a Toronto based SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant. He is a creative link builder and conversion rate optimization specialist. When he is not obsessing over how to build better backlinks, Anurag likes to travel and play guitar.