A Tap Room for Families and Profit

Craft brewing led to the rise of babies in bars - Vox

You dream of walking into your own store is possible. It’s a space where you greet people, see smiles and listen to stories. As you pour a cool glass from the tap, you hear about the day, you gab about the recent politics and you chuckle at the antics taking place. The day is probably busy, and you adore being surrounded by others. The modern tap room can service the community by giving more than alcohol. It offers a homey, spot where you make memories for families and friends. Consider the following three things to make your goal successful.

File the Right Paperwork

Selling beer means you have to follow the right laws, including gaining a permit. Therefore, you’ll need to look into obtaining an alcohol license dallas tx to ensure you’re following the right protocols. Make sure you save all of your documentation and have it available for any inspections.

Consider Creating a Family Atmosphere

A tap room isn’t a typical adult bar. Instead, it can be open to a family-friendly environment. Why? You’ll broaden your clientele. Many of today’s 30 and 40-something parents are open to kicking back a brew while the kids drink a soda and enjoy a board game. When designing your set up, establish an area for fun games and even think about a play area with a TV for children.

Partner With Restaurants and Events

On an empty stomach, not much beer is consumed. You don’t want a kitchen since the upkeep and salary might be too much, but you can collaborate with local restaurants to do delivery. You keep the menus on the table. If the restaurant is within walking distance, the waitress or hostess then delivers the appetizers or entrees to you. That way no one has to leave the establishment and two places win big here.

Don’t neglect the impact of making a place available to more than the older crew. Think outside-of-the-old-box. Expand your customer pool so you can keep the seats and glasses filled.