The Best Places to Hunt for Antique Home Décor

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For designers, and everyday people, that love a good antique, there are lots of places to search for the best antique deals to spice up your home décor. The following article describes, in detail, all of the places you could search for antiques. Or, if appearance is your main concern, consider making your own with a few crafty techniques.

Antique Dealers at Your Fingertips

You might be surprised to learn how many antiques dealers are in your communities. You can put out an advertisement in your local paper or neighborhood magazine. Or, search online for antiques dealers in your area. Make sure anyone you find has credentials and positive reviews, as well as certificates of authenticity for big-time antique items.

Secondhand Shops & Chain Stores

Believe it or not, chain stores that specialize in retail interior design are apt to have a few antique-looking items lying around. But more than that, secondhand shops are sure to have a few authentic antiques, such as retro lamps from the 60s, or old, still-working appliances from the 50s. Be thorough in your search for stellar antique deals. And never pass up an opportunity to go shopping for something new for your collection.

Re-Purposed & Reused

When you simply want the look of antiques, but don’t mind the authenticity, you can re-purpose and reuse your old furnishings, turning them into antiques. It takes a bit of gold and glitz for a rustic look, but you can find all of your antique DIYs at a craft store. Example? Polish an old lamp with a rusty gold for an antique appearance that adds depth and culture to your home décor.

Check Yard Sales on the Weekends

Back in the day, Saturdays were for clearing out your house and having a neighborhood yard sale. People from different communities would flock to see what you had dug from your basement and attic. And you’d make a pretty penny on old items that you no longer used. Lots of people have kept up the yard sale traditions over the years. Just look for the signs and see what you can find.

You never know what you might find when you go in search of antiques. But keep in mind that, if all you care about is the antique appearance, you can always re-purpose your furnishings to make your own. Good luck on your search!