Which should you buy? Petrol versus Diesel Trucks

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Many people who are looking to buy a truck don’t know whether to go for a diesel or petrol model.

There are advantages to both, so to help you choose here are the main pros and cons you should know about when buying a new truck. You can buy from places such as Charter Trucks.


The initial pricing can differ depending on the fuel type you choose. In most cases a turbo diesel is more expensive as the engine has to deal with higher pressures and needs a strong transmission to be able to control the higher torque.

As diesels aren’t seen as environmentally friendly there’s also a price premium that can add thousands to the price.

Generally petrol fuelled trucks are a bit cheaper than diesels but aren’t as torquey. If you want to buy a cheaper truck then go for a petrol one, but expect the fuel costs to be higher as they’re not as economical. However the maintenance on a petrol truck is a lot cheaper too.

Fuel efficiency

Turbo diesel trucks are more efficient than petrol and almost always cheaper to run, but petrol is slowly catching up. Even though diesel normally costs more than petrol it offers much better mpg, meaning that in the long run the higher initial cost of filling up with diesel is offset by the higher mileage you can get from this fuel. Petrol will usually give a much lower mpg than diesel.


If you plan on keeping your truck for a long time and will be travelling long distances then a diesel fuelled truck is your best bet. Diesel engines last a long time and can cover many hundreds of thousands of miles provided they are serviced regularly. Most delivery or long haul trucks are diesel for this reason.


Maintaining a diesel truck can cost more than petrol. As a diesel needs a turbo to make best use of the power, these need maintaining and can be expensive to replace if they go wrong.

Diesels also need stronger transmissions which can cost more to maintain. If injectors or glow plugs break then you could be in for a big bill.


Diesel trucks are always the better choice if you’re going to be towing as they have better torque for more low down power at slower speeds. For long distances you should definitely choose a diesel fuelled truck. If you’re regularly going to be towing a trailer or caravan then go for the diesel. A petrol truck will be fine to tow on flat ground but you’ll soon find that it doesn’t have the low down power you will need from a diesel engine on the hills. You can find great trucks for towing at Charter Truck Sales.


Mostly you’ll find that diesel trucks hold their value and don’t depreciate as quickly as petrol ones. They’re made for heavier work and last longer, but as stated above need to be maintained well to keep them from breaking down.