Companies’ director who paid Rs 2 crore to AAP says he is a small-time broker


In a major revelation, Mukesh Kumar , the director of the two companies that paid Rs 50 lakh each as donation to Aam Aadmi Party in February, has said that he is a small-time broker and that he had no knowledge of any money being paid to any political party.


Mukesh Kumar was questioned by the Income Tax department where he made the startling revelation. He told I-T sleuths that he became the director of two shell companies Goldmine Buildcom Private Limited and Infolance Software in return of .2 to .3 per cent commission on illegal transactions made by these companies. He said his work was to sign blank cheques and had no knowledge of who the money was paid to.

According to sources, Mukesh also had relations with Skyline Metal and Allied Private Limited and Sunvision agency Private Limited that also paid Rs 50 lakh each as donation to Aam Aadmi Party.

“I only signed on cheques. I had given blank cheques to Mr Deepak Agarwal. His representative would have handed over the cheques to bank with false pay order,” he said.


When Income Tax Department reached Deepak Agarwal, he replied by an affidavit that he had nothing to do with these companies and he was made the director against his wishes.


This is what Mukesh said:

  • He didn’t know the money was to be paid to AAP
  • There was no appeal from AAP for donation
  • According to company’s act, no proposal was passed for the donation
  • I work for .3 percent commission
  • I just buy and sell companies. I don’t have anything of my own.
  • I have 20 companies from which I get brokerage.
  • My relatives are directors of those companies.


It is surprising that a person whose companies paid Rs 1 crore is educated up to class 9 and claims that his occupation is to carry soil.


Mukesh was absconding when the matter came to light in February. However, he appeared before the department in April 2015.


The Income Tax documents also reveal that Mukesh had also paid donation to Congress.


According to Mukesh, he came to know AAP’s national treasurer Krishna Kanth Sevda alias Sanju ji after he made the donations.


AAP, however, has denied any wrongdoing on the part of his party. They have demanded that all the donations received by the parties must be evaluated by Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax Department.



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