Food Technology Reshaping the Industry

TODAY, technology has become a reality and an eminent part of various facets of our life. It is no more just a thing of science fictions. But what is more surprising is the fact that technology has entered the food industry as well. No matter how startling it may sound, but food-tech is the reality of today. Technology is playing a key role in the way we produce and procure our food. Below are a few technologies which are reshaping the food industry in a myriad of ways.

  • AI-Based solutions: Needless to mention, AI or artificial intelligence is not just the buzzword but a real helping hand to many sectors including the food industry. Not only has it helped the industry with the production process but also with some of the best predictions for the company size and how it should proceed. The most important contribution has been in the form of shaping and understanding your customers’ mind. To a great extent, AI has helped in customizing the menu based on their repetitive choices and other data analytics.
  • Robotics and Machines: The usage of machines and robotics in the food industry has made the industry more affordable and qualitative. Machines have helped in bringing down the cost of keeping the food fresh and increase in the productivity. Robotic machines have helped in maintaining safety net for the usual dangerous jobs in the food industry.
  • Drones: This piece of technology holds special importance in reference to the precision in the agriculture. The use of GPS tracking systems and satellite imagery is helping in monitoring the crop yields, soil levels, and weather patterns so that the efficiency on the farms can be increased. Drones are helping in gauging the health of the crops to ensure diseased and damaged crops could be eliminated.
  • 3D Printing: Over the last few years, 3D printing has developed as a key technology and to our surprise, it has not escaped the food industry. 3D printing is being used to create food prints such as pizza and other soft foods, paving the way for newer innovations.
  • Sensors: Sensors have become a crucial part of several industries. It is helping transform the physical world into the world of data helping managers with valuable insights. It is making the work of managers become very smooth and efficient as keeping a tab of inventory and food ingredients is becoming easier. With the help of smart devices and sensors, the access to the real-time data of the production assets has reduced the potential of the downtimes.

As we mentioned above, technology is becoming an integral part of our life and food technology will also extract a lot out of it. Just like technology is helping other key businesses across the globe, food industry too has a great amount of scope to implement technological advancements and make progressions with time.