HostGator India Web Hosting Review 2018

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HostGator currently hosts over 8 million domains for close to 400,000 customers which span 200 countries. In 2012, they started to offer their diverse range of web hosting services in India, and are currently renowned the world over for their reliable and economical Shared Hosting plans. Within their shared hosting offerings, they provide three types of plans, called Hatchling, Baby, and Business, with every successive plan having more provisions than the previous one. Hostgator also offers VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting plans.

How well does HostGator India stack up…

On their promises?

HostGator promises to have a 99.9% uptime backup as well as 24/7 site monitoring, which on paper reads quite good! On this front, they consistently passed all tests, proving to us that their claims are backed by reality. It surely helps to know that the web hosting service one wants to use is true to their word and worth their salt!

Other than this, it also provides a 45-day money back guarantee should any customer be dissatisfied with their services. In such a circumstance, the customer only gets refunded the hosting and the domain fees, while other surcharges are not returned. This 45-day period is a decent length of time to understand HostGator’s services inside-out, as well as to decide if they are the right web hosting service for you.

In terms of customer support, HostGator India promises round-the-clock phone support, live chat, community forums, as well as an online ticketing system that’s extremely helpful in cases of technical difficulties. In addition to this, there are also many articles and video tutorials to help a beginner through the entire process of setting up hosting on HostGator. While this is not essential to their core service, it does sufficiently boost their image in the eyes of a customer, making it a pleasant experience to work with them!

On their services?

We were interested in HostGator India’s shared web hosting plans, and they have three of those on offer: Hatchling, Baby, and Business. All these plans come with the powerful Linux option. The Hatchling plan gets you a single domain and unlimited disk space, while on a Baby plan you can get 3 domains as well as unlimited disk space. The Business plan, which is the most expensive one, provides unlimited domains as well as disk space! We chose a trial plan, and here’s what we found:

Reliable Customer Service

What we liked about HostGator India was the local support they offered, which made it cheaper as well as simpler to contact them. It didn’t cost anything at all, in comparison to what international calls might cost, and we had the additional option of talking to a customer service representative in a vernacular language as well. All in all, it was a pleasant experience!

Faster Speed for Indian Visitors!

We truly loved the fact that HostGator India provides local servers specifically for those customers who are looking to launch a website for Indian visitors. An Indian server can be helpful in such a case because it will result in a very low ping rate, which translates into the faster loading of a website. Thus, although it seemed to us initially that it would be wiser to have a served based out of the US, we finally decided to go with a local server and it was the right decision to make!

Simple Payment Process

Many Indian customers in search of a web hosting company face the problem of being unable to make payments through their local credit or debit cards. A lot of international hosting companies only accept international credit cards, which many Indian customers do not have. Well, the good thing about HostGator India’s payment platform is that you can pay through whichever local credit or debit card you may have! Moreover, you can also pay using the net banking facility of your particular bank, or you can make a direct bank transfer as well. These localized payment options are definitely a huge bonus for HostGator India, and will go a long way in ensuring a regular flow of customers!

You Should Choose HostGator India!

We were so impressed with HostGator India that we thought to recommend it to our readers as well! A Hatching plan(India server) starts at Rs. 249 per month (for 5 years), while a Baby plan(India server) starts at Rs. 299 per month (for 5 years). Although these plans are slightly more expensive than their US-based server plans – which cost about Rs. 50 lesser per month –  you can’t really go wrong with HostGator India and their local servers! In addition to their relatively inexpensive rates, they also offer an unlimited MySQL Database and a cPanel Control Panel along with the consequent php MyAdmin Access. And this isn’t all! They also provide one click installations for various CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

So that’s why you should choose HostGator India! Not only do they promise a 99% uptime but they deliver on that promise too! – they also provide superlative customer service and have a whole host of advantages if you choose their local servers in India. If you’re trying to decide whether to go for HostGator India, don’t think too hard, just take the leap and you’ll be rewarded!