How much? Tompkins County real estate transactions


Steven K. Houseknecht sold 497 Brown Road to Robert B. Deeley for $163,000 on August 15.


Nicholas Kaczmar sold 219 Hunt Hill Road to Swaitoslav Kaczmar for $286,000 on August 14.

Richard Sheiman sold 190 Ellis Hollow Creek Road to Neil S. Mattson for $435,000 on August 15.

Thomas E. Bloss sold 298 Main St. to Madeline D. Spitznagel for $138,000 on August 16.

Jesse H. Nadelman sold 6 Hunters Lane to Mary Kane for $177,425 on August 16.


Lisa M. Park sold 2435 Mecklenburg Road to Joseph D. Stasierowski for $158,000 on August 17.


Estate Of Paula J. Perkins sold 474 Locke Road to Michael J. Perkins for $80,000 on August 17.

Groton Village

Russell E. Ruthig, Esq. As Referee for Terry J. Ha sold 219 West Cortland St. to Bank Of America, Na for $152,853 on August 17.


Patricia E. Madigan sold 461 Sheffield Road to Jonathan J. Hart for $12,500 on August 14.

The Gloria C. Howell Revocable Living Trust sold 120 Clover Lane to Thaw & Rosie Zin for $303,000 on August 16.

Estate Of Patricia Long sold 4 Schickel Road to Karen Ophir for $129,000 on August 16.

Gregory Pitts sold 125 Larisa Lane to Linda Case for $554,000 on August 17.

Karen M. Sharf sold 1445 Slaterville Road to Roberto De La Fuente for $270,000 on August 17.

Ithaca City

Richard Didonato sold 718 Cliff St. to Mihaela Bocioaga for $153,000 on August 13.

525 West Green St. sold 525 Green St. W to Evan Nison for $461,000 on August 14.

Dana Malley sold 404 Albany St. S to Tyler Nordgren for $369,000 on August 15.

David Taylor-Schott sold 536 Spencer Road to Nicholas R./Anneka Valles for $199,000 on August 15.

Stephan J. Schmidt sold 107 Miller St. to Colleen M. Carey for $352,000 on August 16.

Net Zero Nrg, LLC sold 215-21 Spencer St. W D2 to Wright L. Lassiter, III for $330,000 on August 16.


Jan Lee Ruzicka sold 30 Milliken Station Road Ext. to Edward R. Kelly for $350,000 on August 13.

Carlos E. Harjes sold 10 Leroy Ave. to Lisa Jervey Lennox for $319,500 on August 13.

Wayne D. Stokes sold 4 Lakeview Drive to Lise Bouvet for $320,000 on August 14.

William J. Duthie sold Cayuga Vista Drive to Sdm Rentals, Inc. for $46,500 on August 14.

William J. Duthie sold 0 & 00 Cayuga Vista Drive to Sdm Rentals, Inc. for $93,000 on August 14.

Stuart Dean sold 91 Collins Road to Elizabeth E. Unser-Heck for $195,000 on August 16.

Lansing Village

Estate Of Tatyana Duval sold 25 Janivar Drive to Jenna Hye Ryung Lee for $275,000 on August 13.

Arleo Real Estate, LLC sold Warren Road to 1435-1439 Marchuska, LLC for $470,000 on August 15.

Trumansburg Village

Andrea Lajoie sold 50 Hector St. to Perfect Pitch Management LLC for $146,000 on August 14.

Edwin R. Weatherby sold 43 Washington St. to 3P New York, LLC for $285,000 on August 16.