The Importance of Having On-site Security

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The best business in the world can still fail due to the wrong type of security or missing elements of a comprehensive security system. Many businesses think a few signs and video surveillance is enough until their efforts are wiped out overnight by crafty criminals. The U.S. Security Services industry consists of over 16,000 businesses nationwide that specialize in various forms of business or residential security. The best services include a customized approach utilizing technological and physical barriers to protect your livelihood and help it continue to thrive. Korner Security provides four decades of exceptional experience with licensed, bonded, insured, and on-site security guards. But why is on-site security so important for your business.

Onsite Security Includes Proper Training and Expertise

There are currently around 1.1 million security guards employed across the country. But when it comes to protecting your business and employees, proper training and expertise are crucial. Korner Security not only provides security guard(s) and specialist, they also have licensed attorneys, educators, and the most modern technological options to ensure a finely tuned security machine to protect every level and stage of your business.

Security Guards Ensure Quick Response Times

Aggressive or irate customers are not uncommon, and sometimes security assistance is required to remove them from the premises. It takes 15-20 minutes on average for police to arrive and diffuse a potentially dangerous situation. By the time they do arrive, someone could already be hurt. Why take the risk? On-site security guards can be fully trained, armed, and able to diffuse the situation before most customers even realize there’s an issue.

On-Site Security Offers Round the Clock Protection

Certain facilities and locations are prone to higher chances of nighttime break-ins or other types of late night crime. Video surveillance is a good line of defense, but even if someone’s watching the events elsewhere the authorities still need to be called. Time is of the essence here. On-site security guards, patrols, and even guard dogs can build your reputation and help ensure you’re no longer an easy target.

Security Guards Provide Professional Surveillance

Employee theft is responsible for almost 43% of business shrinkage compared to 35% of theft from customer-based shoplifting. Training a new employee to be in charge of security matters can be risky business. Security guards can be the perfect fit. Besides dealing with potentially dangerous situations, a security guard can patrol the premises inside and out, monitor security systems and control rooms, respond to alarms, and even offer customers or employees assistance.

Physical Security Offers Peace of Mind

Criminals tend to look for easy marks. A present security team, or even just a burly guard, gives an immediate signal that you’re not messing around. Customers and employees alike appreciate the extra layer of protection. Early morning and nighttime assistance to vehicles, a friendly smile, or even just a steady presence, say more about your level of professionalism and commitment to safety and business success than promises ever could. In returned, you’re rewarded with customer and employee loyalty which ensures your business will bloom.

On-Site Security Saves Your Business Money

Korner Security works with you to create a customized on-site security package that works with your needs and budget. These professional security guards are fully trained, licensed, bonded, and insured. You don’t need to train a guard or provide extra equipment. If you hire someone specifically to handle security, train them, provide the equipment and supplies only to have them quit in a few months, you’re out thousands of dollars and back to square one. Korner Security handles everything so you get to relax and enjoy the freedom of professional security. When you’re ready to discuss a system that’ll work for you, we’re just a call away.