Investing in emerging companies could help you make significant profits

Investing in emerging companies could help you make significant profits in a relatively short amount of time. Knowing how to differentiate the winners from the losers, however, isn’t always easy. Keep an eye on these three emerging companies. When they go public, they could put you on the fast track to financial success.


If you don’t have kids, then you may have never heard of Fuhu, a tech company that makes affordable tablets specifically designed for toddlers, kids, and tweens. Fuhu has become so successful that Inc. has listed it as the fastest growing company two years in a row.
Fuhu has made several smart decisions that contribute to its growth. Perhaps most importantly, it makes unique tablets for each age group. When toddlers start to grow out of the simplest version of the tablet, they ask for the kids’ version. When they eventually grow out of the kids’ version, they want a more sophisticated tablet designed for tweens. Fuhu has captured a market that other companies didn’t even knew existed.
Fuhu also offers plenty of accessories that add to its Nabi tablet. This includes everything from silicone decals to Dora the Explorer games. Accessories accounted for about 25 percent of the company’s 2014 sales. That gives Fuhu plenty more room to grow.


Image via Flickr by 5chw4r7z

Uber has seen unprecedented growth that makes it a company everyone should pay attention to. The innovative company grew by 400 percent between 2013 and 2014. For comparison, consider that taxi, chauffeur, and limo companies only grew by 16 percent during the same period.
Potential investors can expect this growth to continue for the foreseeable future. After all, the company has plenty of places where it can set up shop in upcoming years, including locations in Europe, South America, and Asia as well as North America.

Uber is currently a private company, so you can’t buy its stock yet. Eventually, though, it will make an IPO. When that happens, buy as quickly as you can so you don’t miss an opportunity to make big profits quickly.

Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition is an innovative food company popular among athletes and wellness enthusiasts. It started in 2010 by introducing a protein bar that offered great nutrition despite tasting like junk food. Since then, it has expanded its reach to include nutritional powders, pasta, and even chips.

Quest’s products were so successful that the company grew by more than 57,000 percent over three years.

To some extent, these products sell themselves. Who wouldn’t want healthy foods that taste like potato chips and cookies? It’s the best of both worlds. Much of the success, however, has come from smart marketing decisions such as focusing on online sales and retargeting buyers to remind them to purchase more products before they run out.
Since much of Quest’s work has focused on online sales, the company still has plenty of room to grow by reaching out to retail stores.

Not everyone can start extremely successful companies. As long as you know how to spot the big winners, though, you can still make a lot of money. Invest in these three companies as soon as possible, so you can capitalize on their successes.