How Does Life Experience Affect Someone’s Interior Design Preferences?

Life experience can alter a number of things—both positive and negative. For instance, if someone has had a traumatic breakup with a long-term lover, that person might be weary of delving into another relationship. Or, a happier example would be if someone had a good experience adopting a pup from an animal shelter, so they volunteer their time to helping out at that shelter on a regular basis. Life experience matters more than you think. And it can affect every aspect of your life—home décor and interior design included.

Good Interior Design Has a Knack for Making You Feel Relaxed, Positive, and Less Stressed

The right, good interior design can make you feel like you are on top of the world—even elated. Or, it could make you feel relaxed, positive, and less stressed—which are feelings everyone needs on a regular basis. So, if you have good experiences with blue being your calm colors, then add plenty of blue tones to your overall home décor. And it doesn’t have to end with just your home. You could add décor elements to your office, like l shaped office desks or ergonomic computer chairs.

Design is Linked to Psychology and the Studies of Human Behaviors

Not only will life experience affect your design and décor preferences, but it also has great bearing on your behaviors. It’s a psychological fact—and one not too hard to understand. If something bad happens to you in a room with bright red walls, your psyche might associate that décor color with negative feelings, like nausea, anxiety, and desperation. The same goes for positive human behavior and positive life experiences. If you associate different patterns, colors, or even design objects, with good experiences, then you will want to surround yourself with those things in your own home.

Life experience can mean age and maturity, because with age comes plenty of experience and a heavy dose of matured views and opinions. Therefore, your décor and design preferences can change every few years, as you age and become more knowledgeable in your collection of personal life experiences. When in doubt of your own design preferences, hire a professional interior designer to help you navigate your feelings, experiences, and décor options.