Looking for a career shift? Make a career in React JS!

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By being proficient in React JS concepts and the React library you can build SPA applications. All enterprises focus on ROI, and All enterprises focus on ROI, being communicative and having collaborative teams.

Be a team member today!

The scope for people who are able to work as team players in a communicative and collaborative environment is facing high demand concerning such technical expertise.

You can provide them with better applications with rapid access, low maintenance costs and less developmental costs thereby increasing productivity, efficiency, and ROI.

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React JS is a popular view library for front-end single page applications. It is popularly used because of its flexibility and support in applications in data binding, component architecture, universal apps, and declarative views. It is endorsed by Facebook who uses the JavaScript as a single-page app.

What you learn in the React JS course:

Some key topics explored in no particular order are

  • The React ecosystem, third-party library sources and more
  • Write code using  features of ES6 language and develop applications using React 16
  • Take advantage of React components like an immutable.js library, Redux tools for debugging, and Redux using Enzyme, Sinon and Jest
  • Implement server-side SEO rendering with reduced load times
  • Use Webpack bundler features like lazy loading, code splitting, tree shaking, and hot module replacement
  • Learn about and use  single direction data flow of  React, the React Router, about Redux Saga, large Redux libraries and more
  • Understand the React single-page application and its differences from conventional frameworks for web development
  • Create middleware with Redux Saga
  • How to use and create presentational components using styled-components
  • Cloud deployment of React applications

PC software needed:

Google Chrome or such modern browsers with editors like the JS editor, VS editor for coding etc. with an OS configuration for Windows Ubuntu/ Mac.

Essential qualifications for React Training

Both your hardware and knowledge need to have certain criteria for this course. They are

  • Prior work experience in JavaScript.development
  • A 2-day boot camp on basics of JavaScript can be availed by those lacking knowledge of JS as a refresher course for refreshing knowledge of the fundamentals

About the course:

The React JS course with is a reliable partner for enhancing your resume and updating skills where you benefit from

  • The fee includes international course materials that serve as quick reference guides, access to code and libraries and online support on an on-going basis
  • You will under mentorship implement the technology in live/new projects as your project work in web applications.
  • 24 hours of certified instructor delivered online training where you learn to build robust internet applications using Redux, React JS, and Flux
  • Inculcate the concepts, principles, techniques and industry tricks from industry drawn certified faculty and mentors.
  • Continuous support even after course completion from trainers to ensure problem resolution in the implementation of projects

How you will benefit:

React Training completion certificates are valued and accepted across the industry as an endorsement of your practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and proficiency in React JS.

  • You get a reliable partner for continued learning who charge reasonable fees and even have a fair refund policy
  • Payouts are good and demand for professionals higher than the supply