Pre-Planning Means Unexpected Funeral Costs Are Covered

What topic of discussion is least likely to be brought up in polite conversation? It isn’t religion, politics, or taxes. The subject that we all avoid is death. Why? Because it’s an uncomfortable fact for most of us to acknowledge the fact that we will all (eventually) die. But just because we avoid the idea in conversation doesn’t mean it won’t happen. In fact, ignoring the future can be one of the most emotionally and financially harmful things we can do to our loved ones. Without considering our deaths and planning for our funerals, we can bequeath our family members a stressful and expensive funeral to plan.


Depending on the size and kind of funeral, the cost of the average service starts can be anywhere between $5, 000 and $15,000. To many of us, this is a large sum that can be financially crippling if we are forced to pay for it. For those who don’t have considerable savings set aside, the financial burden of a funeral can force people to go into debt. Rather than leaving behind considerable bills, you can make sure your family has enough to pay for your funeral by initiating a final needs plan. As soon as you create your plan, you can make monthly contributions that grow tax-free until they are ready to be used. At the time of your death, the sum you’ve collected can be used instead of burdening your grieving family members.

When you initiate your plan with a dependable final needs provider, you’ll receive excellent care when you meet with one of their qualified representatives. The Elephas Group is one of the leading providers in the country, offering attentive service to each of their clients. During your consultations with The Elephas Group representatives, you will receive direction in purchasing your plan, organizing your service, and reserving your monument. While the funeral service is the primary concern for most, the cost of a monument can often times get over looked. There is more than one reason your monument is important. First and foremost it gives a tangible place for your family members to visit and see your name. Second, it is a place where you can inscribe a small poem and or saying that you wish to leave behind. With your planner, you can make those decisions ahead of time, ensuring you get the monument that you want without pressuring your loved ones to get it right.

A qualified final needs planner will be responsible for any paperwork your death requires. Your family members will not have to notify insurance companies, Veterans Affairs, or passport and driver’s licence offices. Loved ones will not have to apply for pension plan death, survivor and children’s benefits, or a HST refund. Your planner will be sure your social insurance number and health cards are retired and will make the necessary phone calls to prevent identity theft.

When the time comes, your family will appreciate having these things taken care of by a knowledgeable and caring representative. Taking the time now to put your desires in place and pay ahead of time will allow your family members to focus on each other and grieve properly. You will have peace of mind knowing these important things are taken care of ahead if time and your family will not have the stress of making these decisions or finding the funds to pay for them.

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