Protective Effect Of The Seeds Of The Velvet Bean Against Snake Venom Poisoning

The velvet bean also known as the itchy bean is a climbing tropical plant that usually grows in Southern China and eastern India. It was one of the most widely cultivated crops that were used for human consumption. In Nigeria, the seed of this herb is used as an oral prophylactic for snakebite. Rats were pre-treated with this seed extract and challenged with various snake venoms. The experiment showed astonishing results. The extract ensured effective protection against the lethality of most of the snake venoms. The anti-MPE antibodies could effectively neutralize the lethality of the Asiatic cobra (Najasputatrixvenom) but were not able to show effective results against other venoms tested. The anti-snake venom effect of this herbal medicine makes it a great health tonic for outdoor enthusiasts to take regularly. Of course, in order to take the best benefit out of its usage against snake venom one has to take it daily, since snake bites are completely unpredictable.


The tropical legume as a natural mood enhancer

The awkward looking plant with its slightly pointed leaves and dark purple flowers is popular for its several health benefits and known to be a natural mood enhancer. It thrives in a range of environments, prefers plenty of sunshine and favours humid regions, but it can even handle lack of water. It is quickly gaining more importance throughout the Western community for its multipurpose function as a medicinal plant. It is also drunk in many regions as a substitute for coffee giving it another nickname “Nescafe” (though it bears no connection with the commercial brand). This herb is a powerful natural source of dopamine, serotonin and tryptamin which promotes a positive mood just like every other mood enhancing neurochemical. It is quite a natural, safe and non-addictive antidepressant. The high levels of L-Dopa contained within the herb causes the brain to release dopamine which increases the level of concentration.

The appropriate dosage

As this supplement promotes a positive mood it is preferred by most people over other supplements. Depending on the reason for using this supplement dosages will be recommended. While it is considered much safer to consume than isolated L-Dopa, it is best to start off at low dosage in order to monitor the results for the first couple of days. After that the dose can be increased if required. It is always safer to start off slow and never exceed the recommended dosage. It will likely to work more effectively, if taken in small regular doses for a longer period rather than taking it in excess occasionally. The median dosage which most people take is 500mg per day. Many start with smaller dosage of 100mg, 3times daily and increase the dosage if they don’t get the expected results. The maximum dosage should not exceed a total of 1gm per day. Above this dose, the supplement will be quite stimulating for most people. It is mainly sold in powdered form, although tablets and capsules are also available.