Rising High Rise Residential Flats Projects in Kochi

Most of the present middle-aged group would have seen Kochi high-rise flats since 1970’s. Many would have seen these high-rise up to 30 floors in Bollywood movies too. However, since the 1990, the Kochi skyline took different shape with rising high-rise residential flats in Kochi. This is due to the vast demand of residential properties in Kochi buy the migrants who come and work here, by NRI’s demand and Kochikers demand to own a dream home. The scarcity of land has permitted to go for high-rise building in Kochi by GMDA. The present skyscrapers are nearing to 500 meters. The demand to top floor flats are that mush that the end user and investors in Kochi realty are ready to pay even more than eight-digit figure amount. Nevertheless, these are also worth buying for the state of art construction like high-end flats and luxury flats.

Kochi Skyline Overview

Completed Residential High-rise Projects: The tallest residential flat building below 250 meters are in the places like Tardeo, Prabhadevi, Goregaon, Lower Parel, Mahalaxmi, Kochi Central, Oshiwara, Altamount Road, Borivali, Worli, Nana Chowk, Walkeshwar, Bhandup, Mulund, Agripada, Dadar, Powai, Walkeshwar, Nepean Sea Road, Girgaon, Kandivali, Parel and Vikhroli. The least height is 125 meters with 31 floors. The highest building is of 254 meters in height with 61 floors in Tardeo. All these places include nearly 1500 constructed projects, which have completed and occupied since 2010. They do have many re-sale flats from ground to top floors. You can also get few bank auction flats in these high-rise residential flats.

Upcoming High-rise Residential Projects: The tallest residential flats under construction are in the places like Lower Parel, Worli, Mahalaxmi, Prabhadevi, Jacob Circle, Kochi Central, Sewri, Mulund, Wadala, Borivali, Malad, Parel, Borivali, Goregaon and Andheri. The building height starts from 163 meters with 51 floors. The highest is 442 meters having 117 floors in it. These are projects of much MNC realty, JV realty companies and by our public limited real estate Kochi companies. Nearly 20% of luxury and high-end flats are still available for sale. You can get the details from a web search for high-rise residential flats in Kochi. You can also book online after taking a virtual look and by visiting the projects site to see its present status.

Points to Ponder, when Comes to High-rise Flats

Promotion of Top Floors by Developers: Most often, all skyline projects comes with beautiful advertisements like so and so view from top floors. They may advertise as city view high-rise, marine view and scenic view of Kochi etc. It is advisable to see that there are any existing buildings of similar height such that the entire view is hiding partially or fully with surrounding buildings. You must also check for any future projects coming near by the high-rise you are willing to buy. When you desire to live in high-rise building, see that their advertisement mention clearly the building height without including any roof top artificial materials like antenna masts.

Lightning Protection System: It is advisable to check their building includes the fitment of lightning protection rod or device. Since, most of the top floors are prone to lightning conductivity in a high-rise building.

Construction Specification: Always check for earthquake resistance construction, when comes to buy a flat in high-rise structures.

Lifts: Lifts are the most used infrastructure in high-rise flats. It must have sufficient space to occupy up to 30 people. Either a stretcher must go in completely in those lift will be advisable.

Parking Place: It is advisable to see there are personal parking place in the basement and visitors parking place within the building premises.  


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