Sales Techniques For Selling Any Product Or Service

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Sales is an exciting career, but it also comes with challenges. It takes practice and dedication to be successful and close deals. Learn best practices and adopt tools to help you hit your goals. After enough practice, you’ll be on your way to crushing your sales numbers and going for even larger accounts.

Don’t focus so much on your particular product or service. Realize that you’re in the people business and are on the prowl to exchange information with others. There are certain habits that’ll benefit you as you put yourself out there. See sales techniques for selling any product or service.

Use Layman’s Terms

Approach your buyer with language that’s familiar to them and that they can relate to without any problem. Don’t come in with fancy terms and abbreviations, and expect them to be interested in your product or service. Understand your product and be able to express what it is and what it does in layman’s terms. For example, if you’re in the vacuum metalizing business, don’t just say RFI protection, but explain what it stands for and what it is in detail. Give your buyer a chance to learn more about why they want to work with you through your language.

Communicate the Benefits

State the benefits of your product or service to your customer. Keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate the explanation. Practice a short elevator speech that’ll get your point across quickly and concisely. Consumers want to know how they’re going to benefit from giving you their hard earned money. It’s your job to explain the upsides and entice them to want to learn more. Consider their needs and what will make their ears perk up.

Build Relationships

Coming off as a sales person is unappealing. Nurture and cultivate relationships that are going to be sustainable over the long-term. Don’t think of a sale as an individual exchange. Get to know your consumers on a personal level and work hard to meet their needs. Learn about your customers by asking them out for coffee or marking down when their birthday is. Have conversations about business and personal topics. Show them you care by recalling important information and asking them for feedback. Stop thinking about your sales as transactions and start taking into the account the human side of your business.

Listen more than you Talk

Start listening more, and speak less. Talk when you have value to add, but hear what your consumer has to say first. Understand what motivates the other side. Get to the bottom of why your client decided to meet with you in the first place. Listening will help you gather important information and details you wouldn’t normally catch if you were talking. Take notes and respond later with solutions to their questions and concerns.


Being a sales person is no easy walk in the park. Prepare yourself to work hard and feel uncomfortable at times. These are sales techniques for selling any product or service.