Six Important Metrics To Guide you when Purchasing Expired Domains

Expired domains are the domain names that have not been renewed during the expiration period. When lest for long or past their extended expiry dates, these domain names become available for reuse/ resale. This makes expired domains the boost your business needs for online success.  Before buying the domain names, analyze or have your IT specialist analyze the following metrics:

  1. Moz Metrics

 These are important metrics that analyzes expired domains. A good domain has least DA of 30.

Page authority/ PAis a metric that determines how a page will be ranked in search engines i.e. SERPs. It basically covers the links to a website’s homepage.

Domain Authority/ DApredicts the performance of a website in SERPs. It compares different domains and is important when selecting on domain name over another.

The MozRank is also another metric that depicts the quality of links to your website’s homepage.

  1. SEMrush

These metrics will give on a domain’s ranking in respect with used keywords. It also gives information on the organic traffic estimated to be received by the domain and the cost of purchasing the traffic received by the domain. The list of the domain’s keywords and the search position on Google and the cost of generated traffic will determine the value of the domain.

  1. Alexa metrics

This is a site that maintains all the ranking data for all websites globally. Before taking part in an expired domain auction, go through the domain’s Alexa ranking.  It bases its ranks on the generated traffic to a website within a period of three months.

The rankings may be biased and as a result, you can get a better view of the ranking to a domain by carrying out country specific ranking or visiting related sites for better overview of a domain’s ranking in SERPs. Delta ranking is also good for comparing the ranking of a domain during different periods.

  1. Analysis of Back Links

The data obtained from backlinks help in determining the domain’s page ranking. Majestic SEO, Google and Moz undertake thorough backlinking of data to ascertain the true worth and ranking for webpages. The true value of backlinks is determined by:

Confirming existence of the link

This is done by clicking the link to the domain and viewing the HTMLs source code. Domains without the codes should be ignored.

Context of the link

Links surrounded by article are genuine and will exist for longer periods of time.  However, domains with many links surrounding each other are meant to increase page ranks and shouldn’t be trusted.

Number of outbound links

A large number of outbound links means a lower flow of PR juice through the domains and could be considered backlink farms.

You should also consider the category of the website and the ranking the linking page received.

  1. Penalties to Domain

Google penalized domains showing back hat SEO tricks on them. These can be seen through zero indexing or deindexing on the domains which indicate algorithmic penalties.

  1. Social statistics

Trustworthy domains in expired auctions always have high and active social media presence. Though this could be the result of bots, a reasonable number of social media followers for a trusted brand or affiliate brand should be trusted. LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook are major social site for successful website domains.

In conclusion, these are the best metrics to analyze domains you wish to purchase. Genuinely created traffic and back links are reliable sources in looking for a domain to buy. A domain screenshot history could also be important when looking for the juiciest domains without spammy links and with high trust flows.

Author Bio

Alexander Pryce is a renowned web developer and SEO marketer experienced in the functions of most expired domain auction companies. His LinkedIn profile and portfolio has many illustrations and presentations on strategic buying and selling of the best expired domains. Check it out.