Six Reasons Employment History Verification Is Important

Employers rely a lot on your past information. Your past is the only way for them to know about you. Any inaccurate information on your profile will cost you your job because recruiters generally judge on paper. This means that all the information they get their hands on should be true and an accurate representation of your person. Here are the reasons why you need to hire a pre-employment company to verify your employment history:

  1. Human errors

Since your potential employer passes judgement based on what you have on your papers and reports, you do not have any chances of losing a big opportunity to simple mistakes. Your employment history will reveal the exact dates that you were working at the place you were before. Therefore, if you had confused dates, this pre-employ check will rectify them.

  1. Ace the interview

When your employment history is accurate, your chances of passing the interview are high. Your employment history will cover your identity, education, driving records, certifications or awards, and your criminal history. A verified employment history will give you thumbs up from the interviewing panel. Any negatives or bad surprises at the interview will cost you that job and many others as well as the time you have taken searching for the job.

  1. Your past employer’s sentiments

Wouldn’t you be surprised if your interviewer points out a negative comment made by your previous employer as a result of bad blood or a mistake you made in your previous position? When you know what your past employer would say, you can find ways of correcting the mistake and getting a positive recommendation from them.

Automated and manual verifications are used to validate the information on your employment history and this will give you a better view about your eligibility for re-hire or even the chance of acing the interview.

  1. HR laws

Today’s HR laws give no opportunity to discrepancies or errors. An employment history check will keep you on the right side of the HR laws because you will not be surprised by any information given to you by the interviewers.

  1. Hiring the right people

There is a high number of job seekers who include lies in their resume applications. An employment history will save your company time and money spent on interviewing and hiring the wrong candidates for the job.  There are also many candidates who embellish. An accurate work history will guide an employer to disqualify candidates with embellished resumes.

  1. Eligibility for re-hire/ hire

An employment history check gives a recruiter information about the candidate’s eligibility. Perfect match of education and experience seen on the responsibilities and positions held in the previous jobs help recruiters in making the decision about the eligibility of candidates. The reasons for the candidates leaving past employments will also determine if you are hired or not.

Your employment history also gives you the chance to make a self-assessment on your eligibility for the position advertised or a promotion.

In conclusion, your confidence, accomplishments, and a verified employment history will take you an inch closer to the job or position you desire. It will also save you time and money; as a job seeker and/ or as an employer.

Author Bio

Danny Kravitz is a pre-employment check consultant working with renowned corporates like KPMG and PWC. He is an active LinkedIn user and often gives pre-employ advice and outlines HR Laws for job seekers and employed professionals. He discourages lying in application resumes because the lies always catch up.