Size Of iOS 9 UIKeyboard On Current iPad Hints Of iPad Pro

Developer Steve Troughton Smith has discovered that the new iOS 9-beta UIKeyboard has the capability of scaling to a larger resolution, maximizing screen space with rearranged keys that reinforce the rumor that Apple plans to launch the next-generation iPad with a larger screen. The future device’s name has been rumored to be known as iPad Pro and will reportedly come with a 12.9-inch sized display.

On the screenshots of the UIKeyboard posted by Smith on his Twitter account, the notable differences compared to the existing UIKeyboard set-up include the wider keys, the addition of Tab and Caps Lock keys and a whole new set of top row symbol keys. The top row set is now a copy of the top row symbols of a common physical keyboard.

On the alternate page of keys, the top row of symbols are replaced by numbers, and with more space, some currency symbols and the redo button are noticeably added, thus removing the third page of symbols (currently accessed by the #+= key) since all the necessary keys can now fit into just two pages of the new UIKeyboard set-up.

This fresh UIKeyboard design would obviously only benefit an iPad with a larger display. The new multi-taskingfeatures of the iOS 9 beta such as Slide Over, Picture in Picture and Split View may possibly be installed as well since the next iPad is rumored to have an improved processing power aside from a bigger screen.

iPad Pro Keyboard


Overall, the alleged iPad Pro is supposed to sport a 12.9-inch flexible touchscreen display with better latency along with a USB-C port, a built-in NFC chip and possibly a Bluetooth stylus that would allow pressure-sensitive input. The iPad Pro will also reportedly have support for Force Touch, a technology that could differentiate between a long press and a tap on the screen. The device could ould be powered by Apple’s latest A9 processor with 2 GB of RAM and secured by the Touch ID.


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