Books are known as the man’s best friends. Books are like dreamlands that can open doors to imaginations. A book empowers a soul to rethink, reimagine the world around with a new perspective and gives shapes to dreams. A good collection of books signifies one’s taste and personality.

Have you ever wondered about creating a cosy corner for your beloved reads in the form of a classy bookshelf? A bookshelf can be a great addition to your home, if you are an avid reader. Gone are the days of bookshelves only being for books.

Bookcases are among the most useful pieces of furniture you’ll ever own. They not only organize your collection of novels, but also serve as a place to display art and accent pieces.


Are you confused about where to start?

No worries. We are here to help you out. We have brought you a list of factors that would definitely help you out in the whole process.

In the beginning, Assess your needs. Determine whether or not you have a massive book collection to store, a few reading materials with some artful accessories, a little of both, or maybe you just have some negative space on the wall you’d like to fill. Once you gauge what you want, it’s time to go over key points for shopping for your new, multi-tasking bookcase.

Here are few points to keep in mind while selecting or buying a book shelf for your sweet home. Have a glanced look at all of them and consider them once before buying any book shelf for your home.


Size is one of the biggest and most important factors to consider while purchasing a book case. It determines how the shelves both look and function within your space.

Consider multiple factors like height, width, depts and number of units in a shelf when shopping for it. Tall bookcases that fill up most of a wall look more formal; however, shorter ones offer the added functionality of a usable surface area on the top. The width of your bookcase should be considered relative to the height. If you choose a tall bookcase, purchasing multiple narrow units instead of a single large one will offer more flexibility to add or subtract storage space as needed. Choosing something wide for shorter units will make the piece feel more substantial. If the shelves on your bookcase are fixed, make sure to measure the space between them to ensure that your books and accent pieces will fit.


When selecting a piece of furniture, one should never compromise on the material used in the process. You’ll come across the wooden ones more. Wooden bookcases offer a traditional look and a solid, long-lasting frame. Wood is ideal for standard bookcases, since it can withstand substantial weight.

You can also opt for bookshelves made up of MDF if you’re on a budget which offers the look of real wood at a much lower price.  Metal bookshelves offer a lighter version in comparison to wooden pieces and offers sturdy storage. Tempered glass is also used in creating shelves or see-through cabinet doors.


Space is one of the crucial and considerable factors while buying a book shelf for your home. You must always keep in mind the space where you want to keep a bookcase. To be on the safer side, Always measure the dimensions of the room and check the height and width of that place. Be sure there is enough space for placing a book case. If the bookcase is tall there should be enough space to put a ladder near the bookcase for easy accessing of books. You can keep a bookcase in your living room near the sofa sets or in bedroom near your bed as per your choice. Whenever required take a book and relax.

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What makes your book shelf different and unique from others?

While selecting a bookshelf, make sure that you choose the one that offers something more than the storage. A tall bookshelf can be considered as a stylish room divider.

Depending on how you plan to use your bookcase, you may want to look for the many options.

If you like to move things around or reshape the room with every changing season, then you should consider bookshelves with wheels. Bookshelves with adjustable shelves are apt in cases where you need to create item specific space.

For the greatest versatility, choose a bookcase with movable shelves. These shelves are typically suspended on pegs that can be inserted into a series of holes in order to adjust their position.


Whether you’d like just a few shelves to showcase decor or you’re looking to house a small library, when it comes to choosing the style of your bookcase, you’ll find yourself faced with dozens of options. These days the market is flooded with lots and lots of options but what is difficult is picking out the right one which is very difficult.

A stylish bookcase can dominate the whole area. Traditional bookcase with sliding glass door goes well with every home. Quirky and curvy designs with narrow shelving are better for light weight books. Unusual book tree design can be used as decorative object in your living room.

You can also opt for a stylish book shelf that not only serves the purpose of storing books, but also adds colours to your home.

So, These were some of the tips that can help you in selecting the right multi- purpose book shelf for your home. Hope you found them useful. Don’t forget to consider them before making a right choice.

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