This is How You Can Get More Likes in Instagram

Almost everyone with an active online social life knows about Instagram. It is a very famous social media website. It has millions of subscribers in it. They share things about their lives in the site and people like each other’s accounts.

If you have many likes in your Instagram, you seem famous in the site.  This is good for your confidence and people will pay more attention to your page. This is how to get more likes in Instagram.

Follow this to get many Instagram likes

If you want many get Instagram likes, begin by posting interactive photos. This is how to do it;

  1. Take your photos during the day
  2. Let your photos be brightly li
  3. Ensure the background of your photo is symmetrical
  4. Hold your camera horizontally when taking photos of horizons
  5. Avoid  cluttering your photo
  6. Always strive to make a fun pose
  7. Post cute animals photos

Take pictures in natural daylight

Daylight lights up the subjects of a photo in a splendid way. The Sunlight brings out the colors vividly. As a result, the photo is clear and fetching.

Ensure the photos are bright and vibrant

Instagram photos reflect your personality. Ensure that they show you as a vibrant, outgoing and bubbly person. This attracts likes from everyone who visits your account.

Ensre that the background has symmetry

When the background is symmetrical, it makes your photo gain structure. It provides a frame for the subjects in the photo. Look for symmetrical backgrounds when you are taking Instagram photos. Some effective examples are hedges, porches and walls.

Keep the camera horizontal for horizon shots

If your background is a fence, a sandbank or a straight row of trees, then hold your camera perfectly horizontally. If it is not straight, the horizon in the photo will be crooked and it will negatively affect your photo.

Ensure the photos have no clutter

For your Instagram shot to be extra good, make sure that there are very few people around you. This makes the shot clean and minimalistic.  Such a photo makes the viewers focus entirely on you. If this is impossible, you can utilize an application to remove the people who are in the background.

Pose in a fun way

An interesting fun pose transforms a photo and makes it interesting. You can lean against something such as a tree or a wall. Ensure the pose is as fun as possible. Fun poses keep viewers interested and they will like your photo. As such, keep your poses as fun as you can.

Cute animals are always amazing

Cute animals make people identify with your sensitive side. As such, strive to take some shots of cute animals and post them in your Instagram account. This will get you more likes. They are attractive to look at and many subscribers will love them.


Bobby Vesper is an avid social site gr. She has covered social media in her blog posts ever since he phenomenon began. Her words have been echoed in showing you how to get Instagram likes.