We haven’t served any notice to Virat for meeting Anushka during IPL match, clarifies Shukla


Amid rumours that the BCCI has served a notice to Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli for meeting girlfriend and actress Anushka Sharma during rain break in an IPL match, IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla made it clear that no notice has been issued to Virat.


Speaking to ABP News on Tuesday, Shukla confirmed that they would only think of sending any such notices to Kohli if the ACSU submits any report. “The Virat issue is a pretty small affair, it’s a technical mistake but media is blowing it out of proportion. If the ACSU reports regarding the incidence, then only we will be speaking to Virat. So we have not given any notice to him,” Shukla confirmed.

Earlier, a few national dailies had reported that the Board has sought an explanation from the batsman for his act, which is a violation of ICC’s anti-corruption protocol, but Shukla referred to all such claims as ‘baseless’.


In a rain interrupted match between RCB & Delhi Daredevils on Sunday, the umpires stopped play in the 2nd over of RCB’s innings.  RCB openers Virat and Chris Gayle returned to pavilion. But within few minutes Virat was seen in the corridor next to VIP box with his girlfriend and actress Anushka Sharma.


As per the IPL rules, no player could leave the playing area while the match was on. Rain stoppage doesn’t give players the liberty to leave their designated area and mingle with people.





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