What Is Ray Blanco’s The Metaverse Pitch?

In Ray Blanco’s new pitch about “The Metaverse,” he says that investors should forget about electric vehicles and focus on the trillion-dollar tech revolution.

“Forget about electric vehicles. Artificial intelligence. 5G… This technology will be far greater than all of these combined,” he says. He also believes that the world’s top tech billionaires are already jumping on board and you should not miss out on it.

In this article, I walk you through Ray Blanco’s presentation as we find out what technological trend he is so excited about and his number one recommendation.

What is Ray Blanco’s The Metaverse?

Ray Blanco is the latest in a series of investment gurus who claim to have found a “trillion-dollar megatrend” in the technology sector. Others include Jeff Brown, Eric Fry, and Ian King.

He says that an army of Silicon Valley geeks, entrepreneurs, and engineers have been following a little-known tech “blueprint” for 29 years and used it to create an estimated $393 billion.

Ray Blanco’s The MetaverseHe says that the blueprint has predicted trends like the smartphone, mobile internet, and cryptocurrencies.

Ray claims that the final chapter is all about The Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a new iteration of the Internet that supports persistent online 3D virtual environments using conventional personal computing and virtual and augmented reality headsets.

Although the technology has been around, the concept has been made popular by Mark Zuckerberg, who’s betting the future of his company on the Metaverse. As part of Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, Zuckerberg demonstrated various applications of the concept in a series of presentations.

Ray Blanco says that it is the next big trend in the technology industry and he wants you to invest in it. He says that it will change nearly every aspect of your daily life.

Ray Blanco’s #1 Company Building The Metaverse

Ray Blanco has identified a series of companies he wants you to consider investing in. But his first choice pick is Epic Games:

“The company is called Epic Games, and they’ve been developing the platform the Metaverse will be built on behind-the-scenes for years.

But they’ve finally rolled it out now for early access.

Epic’s Unreal Engine is a 3D platform that helps make these scenes so realistic…

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a completely different time and place.

Early versions of the technology have already been used in producing popular TV shows and movies like Disney’s The Mandalorian, HBO’s Westworld, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

But soon, top tech developers will begin using this 3D platform to build the landscape of the Metaverse.”

He says that you cannot invest in Epic Games yet because it is a private company.

The only way you can invest in it is to buy shares of Tencent Holdings (TCEHY) because it has a stake of 40% in Epic Games. Doing so will enable you to profit from Epic Games if its value goes up, it goes public, or gets acquired.

On top of that, he says that owning shares of Tencent Holdings gives you exposure to the other cutting-edge tech companies it owns.

There are other investment opportunities in a special report by Ray called:

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Welcome to the Metaverse: 7 Companies Driving the Future $14 Trillion Technology

In this quick start guide, Ray Blanco covers every important detail of seven companies he expects to dominate the markets as they will be involved in “the next trillion-dollar tech megatrend.”

Ray Blanco’s The MetaverseThe seven companies are described by Ray Blanco in the pitch:

“The “Secret Supplier” Helping Big Tech Build the Metaverse — This industry leader already has established relationships with every major Big Tech company (like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Tesla).

The Pick-and-Shovel Play Backed by Steve Jobs — Apple’s visionary co-founder was adamant about using this Kentucky company’s product for his first iPhone. The Metaverse will demand a lot more of it.

The Global Leader Delivering the “Eyes of the Metaverse” — Major players like Microsoft and Intel are using the technology right now in their Metaverse tech.

The “Mini-Monopoly” Driving the Metaverse — This European tech company is the only one in the world with the machines to produce this crucial component for the new “digital world.”

The Little-Known Company Behind Apple’s iGlass Revolution — Their technology is tucked inside most of the 2 billion smartphones in the world today.

The U.S. Military’s Metaverse Supplier — The military spent nearly a half-billion dollars to use this company’s devices in 2018. Now, they’re upgrading with a new $22 billion order for the latest version.

The Metaverse’s 3D Engine Pure Play — This company founded in Denmark has the essential engine needed to deliver the high-definition experiences to every industry from entertainment to the auto industry.”

You can get the special report for free if you sign up for Ray Blanco’s investment research service, Technology Profits Confidential.