Which animals to invest in for building your ranch?

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If you are someone who is just starting to build a ranch, then you need to be very careful about which kinds of animals you want to put together.  Most people usually go for a more basic approach, while others prefer a more exotic one. The best way to figure things out is to research the requirements for each animal, separately. Raising livestock is always a learning process, and the more you learn in depth, the better it will be for you and your animals. In this article, you will find a list of top 5 animals which are perfect for starting your ranch.

  • Peking Ducks

These are perhaps the easiest animals to raise. They require very little space. However, they have a much bigger appetite than chickens and are great foragers too. All are needed to breed Peking Ducks, are a small house and a kiddie pool for them to swim in.  They do not destroy the grounds like chickens, and your plants will be safe. The best part is that they will eat the weak rooted plants while keeping the healthy ones bug free.

  • Rabbits

Rabbits are great for any household. You can feed them feeds brought from the store, some extra vegetables from the garden, weeds and grass clippings and they will still be happy about it. Rabbits produce great fertilizers for your garden as well. You will require hutches for your rabbits, but it can be built with minimal cost. You can raise them in a colony setting too.

  • Horses

Horse breeding is somewhat tricky. They are a lot expensive also but are a total asset to your ranch, both aesthetically and financially. If you breed horses in your farm, then it can be a great income source for you in the future. Initially, it will take up a lot of your time and effort to breed the horses, but having a healthy horse filled ranch will be worth the effort. You can make your horses participate in racing events like those you watch on TVG; and win prizes and attract visitors.

  • Chickens

Chickens are the most commonly raised farm animals. The main reason for this is that they serve multiple purposes. From being a great source of eggs and meat to producing good fertilizer for the ground, having chickens in your farm is a must. You would require about 4 square feet of land to build up a chicken coop. Chickens stay in the dry area. Freshwater is an absolute necessity. You will also need to provide a space for them to nest and lay their eggs. Feeding chicken is the most natural thing because they will eat anything.

  • Goats

Goats are a fantastic choice of animals for your ranch. You will need to feed shrubbery and wood to them. Goats love hay, vegetables along with the foods sold in the stores. People choose to leave their goats outside to pasture at times. In case you don’t have that much space, then you can maintain a dry area and keep it covered to protect them from rains.

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