ZAPster – Incentivising Car Ownership

A recent Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study established something that we have always known. Most people love cars, and car ownership is a dream for many, but the realities of acquisition and maintenance costs prevent many from taking this step towards complete freedom and mobility. As a consumer, what you need is an incentive that is geared towards your convenience. Enjoy the joys of car ownership with the ZAP plan, an initiative by Zoomcar that will help you buy a car and save up to 70% on EMIs.

Fast Forwarding Car Ownership

When you sign up for ZAP,you will experience affordability with no compromises in terms of vehicle quality and features. ZAP is a co-ownership model where you can buy a car and have it pay for itself. EMIs are the biggest expenses for car owners, a slow payback process that lasts for years. When you go for a car purchase with ZAP, you can list it on Zoomcar when not using it.Your car then brings in income which goes into lessening your EMI load. With this pocket-friendly option, you can fast forward your plans of buying a car to ‘right now’!

A Simple Process

When you plan to buy a new car with ZAP, you can also use Zoomcar’s extensive network of finance providers and get the best car loan scheme for you. Zoomcar also has a great relationship with manufacturers and can get you some exclusive discounts. With such a start, you are already shaving off some of your expenses before you even list your car. When you have chosen your model and made the purchase, you will need to list the vehicle under a commercial license for it to be listed on Zoomcar. On days when you are not using your car, use the simple app to list it on the platform. Sit back and relax as your car hits the road and earns money for you.

ZAPster Path to Financial Freedom

Zoomcar takes over all liabilities while your car is listed on its platform. Your car will need to be installed with Cadabra, a proprietary car monitoring platform that tracks different aspects of your vehicle and provides alerts that help you stay on top of maintenance expenses.

Instead of waiting longer, buy your car now by choosing the ZAPster path. There is no need to shell out hefty EMI payments for years when you can get your car paying back its costs, at your convenience.