Effective Reading – Techniques and Tips

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Reading is a habit that most of us develop during the course of our schooling. But it might not be as effective because you may be doing it wrong. It does matter if you’re reading Ncert books or a Shakespearean novel – these tips and techniques will help you get the most out of your reading experience.

Allot A Specific Time To Read

Setting a schedule to read is the most important step in the reading process. You should fix a time where distractions and disturbances are low – preferably, late in the evening or early morning. But after you decide on a time, try to faithfully follow that. Another incentive to read late at night is that you might vividly recall what you read after you wake up from your sleep. But this can’t be said for all individuals. After all, everyone has their own sleep schedules to follow.

Carry A Book Around

It might sound silly and rather inconvenient, but carrying a book with you is a good idea if you want to get into the habit of reading. Even when you’re travelling, or just sitting for lunch, having a book to read will ensure better productivity rather than whiling away time. Besides improving your vocabulary, you will become a faster reader and eventually pick up another book. Of course, you don’t always need to carry a book around – you could hold a million books on your phone.

Limit Your Time on the Internet or the TV

This is one of the major reasons for procrastination and lethargy. When you sit in front of a TV, no stimulation happens in your brain and as a result, it makes you dull. However, TV is not a bad habit if you have a tight control over your view times. Afterall, moderation is the key. The same principle applies to the Internet too. Browsing Facebook or watching videos on YouTube might be entertaining, but it’s not productive. In extreme cases, it can lead to addiction and can ruin your routine. Instead, pick up a book.

In conclusion, these are some tips and techniques for effective reading. Visit BYJU’s website for detailed information on the NCERT Solutions or visit our YouTube channel for informative and interesting videos on science and maths.