Enjoy a Refreshing Game of Fantasy Cricket on Khelchamps

Khelchamps is one of the leading websites hosting fantasy cricket games. Here, you can create your own cricket team. You just have to select players of real-life upcoming games and matches. In case the selected players perform well in the actual matches, then their ranking improves, and so does the fantasy score. If the players do not perform well in LIVE matches, then the score too reduces.

You get 100 credits from Khelchamps to form a team. Now, every player will have a purchase point against him depending on his performance. Better performers will have higher points, compared to those who are not performing well. So you have to spend the points from 100 credits judiciously and think wisely when choosing team members.

How to Register on Khelchamps?

You can either download the fantasy cricket app from Khelchamps’ website or an app store. As soon as the application is installed on your mobile phone, you can sign in directly or sign in with a referral code. If you sign in directly, then you do not earn any bonus amount. In this case, when you start playing, you will have to load points to continue the game.

If you sign in with a referral code, you can get a few extra credits. When you sign in with a referral code, you also have to provide your mobile number, email id, and password. On logging in, you can select any game from the list of upcoming matches.

How to Increase Your Fantasy Cricket Score?

When the ranking of players improve, you stand a higher chance of winning the game. Thus, it is suggested to select best performers in your team to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, and use your cricketing knowledge during the selection. Now there is no odd trick or cheat code to crack the game. It is purely skill-based, since you have to analyze the current performance and contribution of real-life players before you finalize the team.

Can You Change or Shuffle Players in a Team?

Do remember that you can select a fantasy cricket online match and create teams when you want, but you cannot change or shift players from teams 1 hour before the real-life match is to begin. The time within which the match is supposed to start will be mentioned between the names of the team. So you can choose any match and a team you have created.

How to Create a Fantasy Cricket Team?

You can select 11 players from 22 players. These selected players would be the ones who will be participating in the match. If any of the players are unused then the points against them will not be counted in the final score. Your team must contain enough number of bowlers, batsmen, a wicketkeeper, and if you want to add all-rounders. It is always preferable to add all-rounders to a team because they can do well with both bat and ball.

You can add up to 2 or 3 all-rounders in a team. Also, you can create a total of 6 teams for a match. In case even after selection you are left with additional points, you can consider taking on a better player that cost higher points in case they are performing well in real-life. You need to choose batsman, bowler, wicketkeeper, all-rounder, separately. Review the team before saving it.

How Many Points Captains and Vice Captains Score?

Now you have to select Captain and Vice Captain. Captain will earn twice the number of runs he scores, while Vice Captain will earn 1.5 times of the number of runs he scores. Thus, be choosy with whom you want to select as Captain and Vice Captain. They must be currently performing well in the real-matches.

How is the Scoring System on Khelchamps?

The platform, Khelchamps has a unique scoring system. There will be extra points on achievements, such as taking a hat-trick or performing well on the field or scoring a century/half-century, etc. In case a match ends in draw then the field performance of both the teams will be taken in consideration. Points will be calculated according to the performance of players and whichever team has the best score, will be declared as the winner.

Why to Play Fantasy Cricket on Khelchamps?

This is how you can play fantasy cricket online on khelchamps, which is a great platform for all cricket-lovers wanting to indulge in upcoming cricket tournament, series, and World Cup. It offers all formats of cricket – ODI, Test, and T20. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Khelchamps app and enjoy a refreshing game of cricket.