Last Minute Study Guide for JEE Candidates

Students usually tend to start preparing for IIT JEE whether it is JEE Main or JEE Advanced from an early stage mostly from 11th standard. Besides, effective preparation is the key to succeed in the exams. However, studying for JEE is not just about those two long years. Clearing the exam also depends on what you do in the last few days before the exam.

The last remaining hours are crucial from an exam perspective. To be exact, your mindset along with the small things that you do to boost your preparation level will significantly determine how you will perform in the exams. Undeniably, your last-minute preparation will also play a vital role in increasing your confidence level before taking the exam. Here we have listed some key JEE exam study guides that will help you be in the right track and avoid committing any mistake at the final stage.


Revisions are important but how and what you do during this study-exercise is more significant. You should give enough time for revisions so that each subject can be dealt with. You should also remember that this is not a time to learn new topics. Also, focus on improving your weak areas.

Focus on the Formulas, Theorem and Reactions

Remember to focus on the important theorems, equations, formulas and reactions. You should have a separate notebook or make flashcards that will help in quickly revising the important formulas and others.

Remove Doubts Or Teach Someone

You should remove doubts regarding any concept immediately. You can approach your mentors and friends to understand things more clearly. Alternatively, if you are good with certain concepts to teach it to a friend that is struggling with it. This will help you to retain the topic for a longer time.

Avoid Long Study Hours 

You should break the long study hours into short ones. Avoid studying for long hours during the night. You should get an ample amount of rest and enough sleep. You can start studying early in the morning with a refreshed mindset.

Keep Practicing

Practice = efficiency. You should keep practising by solving question papers or mock tests and you can also refer solutions like HC Verma physics PDF, etc. You will not only test your preparation level but gain an in-depth understanding of concepts as well as higher confidence to tackle even the most complex problems that may be asked in the exams.

Be In the Right Mindset and Take Care of Yourself

The main ingredient to perform well in the exam is to be in the right mindset. You should be positive and remain calm. Remove any stress and take some breaks in between study hours. Engage in fun activities as it will help you stay motivated.

Another key factor is being in good health. You should stay fit and you should engage in regular exercise and eat healthy food.

Remember these things, be focused on your goals and surely you will succeed in the exams.

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