How To Become a CMO

Chief marketing officers spend a lot of time taking care of social media, branding, and sales campaigns for small and large companies alike and develop skill sets that range from developing a product to managing customer complaints. If you’re looking for a career that keeps you on your toes, you may want to learn how to become a CMO.

Earn Your Degrees

While some people do start from the ground up and work their way into positions that closely resembles a CMO, the fact is you likely need a college education to work as one. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a similar field allows you an entry-level position in many cases. If you want to be at the top of the metaphorical food chain, you’ll need a master’s degree as well.

Gain Some Experience

Next, you’ll need to gain some experience. Most people start with an entry-level position in marketing, which allows you to learn about innovative technologies and how social media is shaping consumerism. As you gain experience, you’ll also gain skills, such as brand management, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. The more skills you earn and experience you gain, the more likely it is that large companies will want to see you head their sales departments.

Receive Ongoing Education

All you need to do is ask a respected CMO like Eyal Gutentag and you’ll learn that you need to receive ongoing education for the duration of your career. Trends in consumerism, sales, and marketing are forever changing. Today’s big thing is social media, but tomorrow’s may not be. By keeping abreast of developments in strategy and technology, you can ensure you have a long and happy career as a CMO.

Becoming a chief marketing officer is an excellent way to earn a living. Even as an entry-level marketer, the pay and benefits are good. Even better, you’ll consistently challenge your mind to come up with new and inventive marketing techniques.