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As an entrepreneur, you have to be self-motivated and disciplined. These are skills that you can develop, but you can’t operate successfully without them. Even with these skills, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything that’s on your plate. Instead of fighting a losing battle where you try to do it all, focus on a few things. Once you zero in on a few things, work to do those things well. If you need to figure out where to get started, here are four areas that you’ll want to work on. They’ll help you stay sane as a small business owner.

1. Early Rising
Yes, the early bird gets the worm. However, the early bird gets the chance to absorb the moment and collect their thoughts as well. They can get a headstart on the day and get more done. In the early hours of the morning, the mind is the clearest. You can control what happens during these hours because most people aren’t awake to distract you. To gain the most from this practice, get to bed early. It’ll help you get enough rest and stay on track.

2. Scheduling
Many small business owners get thrown off track and struggle to stay on top of their time. This is because they struggle with time management and scheduling. If you want to be the most effective within your business from a standpoint of productivity, stick to a schedule. Once you do this, you’re more likely to succeed. Create a schedule that has some margin. Don’t overbook yourself. Many people overestimate what they can get done in one day. At the same time, most underestimate what they can get done in one year. If you look at your calendar and goals from a strategic perspective, you’re more likely to get things done and be effective in business.

3. Assistance
Understand that you don’t know it all. There are times when you’re going to bump your head and make mistakes as an entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get help in specific areas. Netsuite consulting, group coaching and mentorship programs are all great options to consider as you progress in business. No person is an island and this is especially true in the workplace.

4. Self-Care
You’re not a machine. You have to rest. Sleep isn’t for suckers. If you don’t get rest, your body, mind and work will suffer. Exercise and make sure you eat nutritious foods. Not only will your body operate better, your mind will too. Drink the amount of water your body needs to thrive. Be intentional about stepping away from your work to enjoy a vacation. Your mind needs the sabbatical so that you can return to work and be fully engaged again.