The Technology and Teams Behind Online Slots Development

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Online slots are fun, interactive real money games that have soared in popularity on the World Wide Web.  Notwithstanding the luck based genre’s already glowing reputation, pundits have tipped it to grow exponentially over the next few years.

Listed software giants and game development brands are pumping increasing amounts of time and money into the development of slick, functional and animated online slots, many of which are creative offshoots of licensing and branding agreements with film studios and mass media companies.

To appreciate the explosive creativity and dynamics of the genre, simply open a slot in your browser and you will be greeted by a gaming interface that is painstakingly crafted to theme.

You will be bombarded by high resolution 3D imagery that emulates the wonder of Walt Disney in every important way.  The actual game mechanics are engaged with a click of the mouse and when you hit the Spin tab, the reels operate as seamlessly and efficiently as a well oiled machine.

Payout wins are announced with animated enthusiasm.  Coins or dollar bills cascade across the playing area, winning symbols expand with all the puffed-up drama of a proud parent and characters march up and down below the reels muttering ‘Money, Money’ or ‘Big Win’!

The Software of Fun

In addition to the standard game play enabled by spinning the reels in an attempt to line up paying symbol combinations, the best online slots offer bonus rounds as an added boon to players.  These extra gambling opportunities are intricately designed ‘games within games’ that are sophisticated, standalone and interactive.

To generate this kind of wizardry, the software suppliers and game developers require the latest cutting edge technology, the expertise of countless skilled professionals… and a touch of magic.

The finest online slots start off with brainstorming a theme.  It can be a completely unique theme or one  borrowed from countless world resources – films, comic books, novels, history, the natural world or mythology.

Once the theme has been decided upon, a team of talented graphic artists and animation specialists create the visual aspects.  Programmers simultaneously write code in Java, .Net, Flash, HTML5 or C++ to develop the technical aspects of the slot so that it is compatible with the various gambling platforms.

The ‘finished’ product rolls off the production line and goes through a period of rigorous functionality and compliancy testing.  The idea behind the first round of tests is to identify and iron out software defects or bugs.

As online slots are gambling opportunities that require real money wagers to activate the reels, the fairness of the game results is vital.  Accordingly, the slot is put through its paces a second time in-house in a series of tests known as beta tests.

During beta testing, tens of millions of slots spins are triggered and carefully analysed to ensure the long term payout rate or return to player (RTP) of the game is achieved.  To guarantee fair play, the online slot is tested thoroughly a second time by an independent testing agency and certified fair and random.

Technical Systems Testing (TST), Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), Gaming Associates (GA) iTech Labs and eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCogra) are all reputable and trusted testing and certification agencies linked to credible online casino brands.

And the Resulting Fun….

Once the online slot passes all the tests with flying colours, it is finally ready for release for you to explore at world-class venues such as All Slots online casino.

Visit a web based gambling destination and you will generally have the option to play the slot instantly in your browser using Flash, Java or Shockwave plug-ins, where graphics, audio and animations are loaded through the internet.

Alternatively, you can download the full online casino software for a faster and more comprehensive remote gambling experience.  Here, the graphics, animations and sound programs of all the available casino games are cached by the software client.

The next time you download the software at All Slots online casino, or open a Flash game in your browser, bear a thought for the studious and specialised team behind the magic.  The odds are you will enjoy the dazzling multilayered entertainment and real money wins of online slots that much more!