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We are happy to announce that Admission Guidance is on the lookout for talented young writers who can challenge our readers or bring about a fresh perspective. If this sounds anything like you, connect with us. We are looking for you!

AG Blogs is a growing community of academicians, career experts, learners, and aspirants. We primarily focus on higher education, entrance exam preparation, jobs, career counselling , career guidance, Engineering Exam, Neet Exam,  and program-related offers.

We do accept guest post on  technology , Marketing , Seo , Sports , News , education , if you want to publish article into any other category feel free to contact us .

[Guidelines – Must Follow] How you should pitch?

  1. Use this in the subject line of your email – Contribution to SEM Updates – [Topic of your article]
  2. In the email tell us about yourself – 1 paragraph, your previous article links.
  3. Share the Google doc link of your guest pitch in the email. Do not attach the word document to the email.
  4. All the images used in the article should be in a Google drive folder. Must have a thumbnail image for the article.
  5. All the images should be  named properly (Describe what the image contains).
  6. If you are using images, Facts, Stats from other sources, please provide credits link.
  7. 300-400 words author bio with only 1 backlink to your website
  8. Email id which is associated with Gravatar account
  9. Social media links – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  10. Articles should be a minimum of 1000 words and should cover the topic in detail.
  11. Write 3-4 headline options. Use the co-schedule headline analyzer to write the better headlines.
  12. Use proper H1, H2 tags in the content to save editors time and get you a plus.
  13. The article must be around Grade 6-8 in this tool to be qualified.

Educational website in India accepting guest article

Admission Guidance , the most authentic education web portal  in India accepts guest posts related to education from fellow bloggers and webmasters in the education niche. If you can provide high-quality articles on education-related subjects with a minimum length of 1,000 words, Welcome Here !

How to connect with us

If you are interested, please share the first draft or a brief pitch with the topic and key communication points with us at [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]

Please ensure that all posts are genuine, engaging, and SEO-friendly with cross-references to factual sources.

Also, kindly share a 3-5 line author bio that will be included at the end of the post. You may include links to your website or social media accounts therein so interested readers may connect with you.

Article must be related to education

Your content should be unique exclusively only for Admission Guidance . The article should not be published anywhere else . We will allow maximum 2  links and should not violate content guidelines from Google.

We prefer long keywords optimizing articles with images. Every article submitted must be 800 to 1,200 words.  The images used must be copyright-free or should be owned by you.

We reserve the right to edit your guest article

We reserve the right to edit or delete  your article at a later point if we find out that the article is in violation of our policies or turns out that the article adds no value to our website. Also if we find that article link with redirection .

Link spam?! No, you are in the wrong place!

We are not a depository of spam and we are not into cheap link building business. We will not allow  low-quality articles written just for the purpose of  backlink building. Links to cheap sites and links with keyword-filled anchor texts are usually rejected straight away. Articles should be prepared well written with targeted keyword so that it will benefited both of us. So, try to make some research before writing the final article .

We do publish guest posts for few  bloggers for free. However, if you wish to promote  commercial business websites  in the article, we may charge a publishing fee for such articles unless you are willing to promote a guest article from us on your equally qualified website.